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Re; what age to start potty training?

Hi everyone,

my twins - boy + girl are 2 this month....
HV says too early to start potty training.
what do you think - when did you train yours and how successful was it?

my older daughter was trained form 18 months - although now she is 4 and wets herself all the time...
which is another problem entirely!!!!


  • hi there,

    girls are normally earlier than boys. My ds is 2 years 8 months and i'm still having trouble with him. if he's naked he won't have an accident but if I put clothes on he just stands there and pees!!
    They say that over 3 is best and they get it a lot quicker!! although on hte baby forum the other day a mum is trying with her lo at 8months!!! good luck with that!! lol!!

    I'm going to try again in two weeks when I have a week off and hope to crack it!!

    good luck!!
  • I trained Kara from 2 years 5 months and she took to it really quick. They say girls are quicker though. She is trained now since February and I have had no accidents. She is a very independent girl so I think it probably helps.
  • my daughter was 22mnths and she did it in about 8 days carried the potty under the pram when i had to go out but stayed in as much as possible never confuse them by putting a Nappie on to go out once you start there's no going back!!!!:\):\):\):\)
  • I would say give it a go, and if it doesn't work put it away for a month or two and then try again. My little boy is 3 1/2 and we have been trying on and off for a year. He knows exactly what he is doing, just refuses point blank to sit on the loo. He will take a nappy off, ask for a new one, and then take that off a minute later when he has weed in it. He tells me mummy I am going to poo now. He is a nightmare and I am hoping nursery in September and seeing all his peers doing it will sort him out. I wish I had tried at 2 before he got into this awkward stage but I was pregnant and couldnt face the extra washing, mopping etc.

    My little girl is 13 months and I have started sitting her on the potty at every nappy change to get her used to it (because of the probs above) and to see if it would help my little boy go on it. She wee's on it about 70% of the time, and at first I thought pot luck, but now you can tell by her face that she is trying to wee when you put her on it, knowing my luck they will both be potty trained at the same time!
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