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help!!!3 year old wtill in nappies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my son was 3 in jan and shows no sign what so ever of getting dry.
he screams when u get pants,potty out .wont go in loo.

he will run around in wet/pooey nappy if i let him!!!

any tips?



  • I have the same problem my little un will be 3 in April, and is terried of the potty, ive tried leaving him without a nappy all week this week, as ive been off work and just asked him to use the potty when he needs it, but all he's done is messed the floor up lol
  • Hi mms, i dont think there is any tie limit on when a child should be potty trained i do know professionals say the more you try to rush them the worse it can actually be, my son was 2 in december and he loves using the big boys toilet and standing up like daddy all good when were in the house but when i pt pants on him he just forgets and has an accident. I definately dont think you should rush them and they will learn in there own time.

  • I have the same problem! My son will be 3 next month and although when were at home we leave his nappy off and he goes to wee in the potty perfectly and tells us he needs to, he wants a nappy on for a poo and also wont get dressed without a nappy being on. I dont know how to progress the toilet training.
  • Its good to hear im not alone in the quest to potty train! My son wont wear pants or want clothes on without a nappy but is totally fine not wearing one, going for a wee fine everytime in his potty. How did you progress to leavng the house without a nappy on Timothy?
  • My son was the same, he'd be fine at home but if i took him out he'd have an accident. Eventually i just gave it a week of cold turkey, i always made sure he had a spare set of clothes and its been 2 weeks now and hes even dry during nursery! He went through the process of wanting a nappie on when he needed to poo, but i didn't give in too him, he now happily does it in the potty everytime and realises its easy! Dont give up ladies! it is possible! Hes almost 3 and a half and we still have to tackle the night nappie but we'll get there! lol
  • thank god i'm not alone. toby was 3 2wks ago and is still in nappies. He normally screams "nappy back on " when I try to suggest anything else. Today I tried (again) with the big boy pants but he took them off. BEtween 10am and 1pm I had him without a nappy on at all, I kept reminding him of the potty. Sat him on it and read stories etc etc . He weed on the floor/sofa 5 times before I gave up and put a nappy on. He doesn't even try to get to the potty, or seem bothered. One time I was feeding his sister, when I got to him he was splashing in his puddle and giggleing!! I'm feeling rather useless as I can't get him to show any interest or listen to me. He starts nursery in Sept and has to be trained! Anyone know what I can do??
  • The problem I have with my son is, that he is stubborn, he knows how to go to the toilet, and Ive even had a few successful trys, where hes actually got to the toilet and done something, but other days he quite blatantly refuses to do anything and prefers to just stand and wet himself, It gets quite frustrating for the both of us, he will happily let me put big boy pants on him, and knows when he needs changing, a wee and what ever so I know hes ready, I just cant get him to constantly have the 'want' to go.
    The other problem I have is I cant seem to get him to have a poo on the toilet/potty, he prefers to do it in his pants, I dont want to resort to keeping him in pull ups in case of him needing a poo, cos that seems like a step back.
    The situation is made more tense for me because I am 6 months pregnant and get frustrated easy, and feel the anger sparks quicker.
    I hope someone can help me because, he starts nursery in september, so I need him to be dry.
  • My daughter is three and a half.  She is due to start primary school in September - that's just seven months away now.  I am at my wits end.  It feels like I am under a tremendous amount of pressure to get her dry in time.  I was jsut so relieved when I found that nursery would accept three year olds in nappies, as they never used to when my eldest was that age, she had to be dry by two years 9 months or no play group would allow her a place.  It seems a lot of children at the nursery, who are much younger than my three and a half year old, are quite confident at using the toielt independently.  I feel so inadequate as a parent when my daughter shows no sign of ever being toilet trained.  I've tried everything, reward charts, new toilet seats, new proper underwear, trainer pants.  It's just not working for us.  Think my daughter is happier to sit in a soggy wet and soiled nappy than to get up and use a toilet!

  • Hi, my 3yr old is currently being assessed for possible autism & because we have been focusing on her delayed speech we have put potty training aside for a bit but what has been suggested to us is to remove their nappy as they have a drink & time how long it takes before they have an accident, then use that timeframe to offer them the potty (i.e. if 30mins pass and they then wee we should offer them the potty every 30mins).  Once they start weeing in the potty we slowly up the time between offerings (30mins - 45mins - 60mins, etc...).  Can see myself potty training both my girls this spring/summer (will be intriguing to see who masters it first)

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