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1 Week in!

Hi well i have been training Lexie (22 months)for 8 days now and i really think its clicked while at home she has no accidents she has had 5 wees and 1 poo in potty today! but i took her to my parents yesterday and she had 2 accidents and 1 wee in potty so my question is how soon do they stop having accidents when out and about and should i invest in a portable potty? thanks :\)


  • Hi

    This is my LO's 10th day potty training and I take a potty everywhere, even in the bottom of his pram, if I have to stop in the middle of the street I do. I have some potty liners from Mothercare: Potette Plus Disposable Liners, and the're actually for the Potette Plus Folding Potty but I use them in a normal potty as I refused to pay ??12.99 for a potty to keep in the car. They are just like a plastic bag with a pad inside which soaks up wee. They sit inside the potty so when you're out you can just tie the bag up after LO has been to toilet and throw it in the bin, they're fantastic and well worth the money as we have used one every time we've been out.

    Does you LO still have a nappy on during the day or is it just pants? We haven't had a nappy on Harrison from the first day of potty training and he's doing great.

    Hope this helps.


    Here's a link for them liners:
  • Hi she is in pants and still in a nappy at night im waiting until the nappy feels much lighter in the mornings before i try to get her dry at night thanks for the link i will invest in some of them
  • That's great that she's using the potty so much at home, she must be so pleased with herself. I found that my dd would be fine at home but if she had family/friends round she would sometimes have accidents as she was having so much fun she would forget that she wasn't in a nappy. She did this sometimes when we were out too. We used to keep a potty in the car otherwise we would take her to the toilet. She did have the odd accident out and about when she was tired too. We just made sure we had a change of clothes and didn't make a fuss about it.

    She's nearly 3 now and we've only just taken the nappy away at night, my hv recommended taking it away after over a week of dry nappies which has only just happened. We didn't do this before even though she was dry in the morning 80% of the time as we didn't want to knock her confidence.

    Hope your lo keeps this up, in some ways it's easier when they're not in nappies but in other ways harder - we must know every public loo within a 10 mile radius!! xx
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