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help with potty training please

my 19 month old decided she wants to go to potty which is great, but, 1st thing when she wakes up she asks for her potty, takes ALL of her clothes and nappy off.. all by herself! i have tried to explain that she doesn't need all of her clothes off and can keep her t-shirt and vest on but she refuses pulling them off with great ease. I would like her to be potty trained before feb when the new arrival will be here but i have never forced it and don't really mind anyway she isn't even 2 yet. I just find it so frustrating because yes i want her potty trained but i cant have her taking her clothes off everywhere! i have tried to look for pictures showing big girls on the potty with their clothes on but as you can imagine there aren't any just animations which she doesn't really relate too. she is also petrified of having a poo on it. anyone any ideas please!?:\?


  • Hi, does your LO go to the toilet with you when you go? if possible I would take her with you so she can see that Mummy goes to toilet and keeps her clothes on and is still able to go to toilet, other than that I don't really know what else to suggest.

    My LO has been potty training 9 days and is still a bit wary of pooing on the potty but i'm sure it's something they get used to and must be quite scary when they're used to going in their nappy.

  • I got a dvd free from huggies which shows real kids 'using' the potty or toilet, dd used to like watching it even after she was potty trained lol! Think i requested it through the huggies website tho it was a while ago now i'm sure they'll still do something similar! x
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