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Potty Training and naps

Hello! Well today we went and brought Lily some big girl pants we are going to attempt potty training this week she was 2 last Wednesday and has been VERY ready for a while but with having a new baby 11 weeks ago I thought we'd wait a while until we were all settled.

Anyway my plan is to put pants on her instead of nappies and tell her when she needs to go wee or poo let me or Daddy know and she can use the potty or the toilet (she has already used both but only before her bath or the odd occasion when she has followed me to the loo and asked if she can go on the toilet) I know we are going to get some accidents that's fine...milton spray at the ready lol image BUT when she has her nap do I put a nappy on her just in case? I don't yet intend to try no nappy at night but maybe we will if she gets the hang of it. She is normally dry first thing although sometimes we don't check/change her nappy until after breakfast this is something we will have to change maybe get her to go to the loo before we go down for breakfast?

Any help would be hugely appreciated!Am slightly excited about doing this BUT also nervous!



  • Hi
    well with my little girl i put a nappy on her before she went down for naps and at bedtime even when she was potty trained because she wasnt dry through the night at the same time. about 5 months ago we were getting up in the morning to find dry nappies and grace bursting for a wee and not wanting to go in the nappy. she is now 2 and 3/4 and has been dry through the nite for about 4 months and we are a size 5 nappy free household! it was just in time to buy the size 2 for my son who is now 5 and a half months!! he hehehe.
    go with the flow and if shes waking up dry you could try her through the nite even. we put the potty next to grace bed and everynite i reming her she doesnt have a nappy and to use her potty because we do still get the odd accident... also take her opants off when she sleep as she mite mistake them for a nappy ... when my daughter has had accidents when shes napped its more often or not been when her pants are on and im sure its becuase she thought it was nappy! good luck!! x
  • I would put a pull up on her for her nap but still ask if she needs the potty or toilet just before you put her down. An accident might make her feel a bit less confident so I'd keep pull ups on for sleep time until she's got used to it a bit more i think xx
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