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Potty Training Going Backwards


I'm hoping someone can help me as I feel in real need of advice. We started potty training our son at 15 months (now 18 months) as we are expecting our second just before he turns 2 and thought it would be easier to handle when we have just the one. Things were going really well, he could hold his wee and more often than not told us when he needed to wee and he didn't have accidents so he only wears (washable) nappies for sleeping. If he did have an accident it would be a small leak which he'd hold until we could get him on his potty. He would try to tell us when he needed a poo but never in time but that didn't bother us as that was always contained by his pants and generally he didn't have a full bladder. Over recent days, I suppose over a couple of weeks, he has been having more and more accidents sometimes even puddles on the floor again which has been unheard of for ages which means I am now washing all the time as I'm worried we'll run out of clothes. I am really not sure how to improve matters again. I think putting him back into nappies would cause confusion. He loves his pants. Someone suggested getting some boring pants for if he has accidents as all of his have fun pictures on and are brightly coloured. Is he too young for reward charts? I think so, as these are generally used for older potty training children aren't they? Should we start cheering for England again whenever he performs? Maybe he feels he gets more attention when he has an accident, but I do deal with it as calmly and efficiently as possible. Oh I don't know.... please help me!

Thanks in advance.

Samantha :\?


  • If you feel hes too young for a reward chart why not have a sticker chart just make your own every time he wees in potty or tells you he needs a wee let him put the sticker on the chart most lo love stickers that are bright that way its simple but effective (hopefully) worth a try anyway x x x x
  • We have spent a couple of days at home to try to concentrate on the potty training again and things have improved, but that's not to say that it won't go downhill when we go out tomorrow. We also made a sticker chart which we started using today. He managed to use his potty successfully 6 times (6 stars) with only 2 accidents (before he'd got into the sticker idea), one of which was a poo which he can't control anyway. I will have to make a mini chart for him when we're out as well and then transfer the stickers when we get home.

  • We went out again today and it all went wrong again so didn't get a chance to reward him. He had 3 accidents despite me taking him to the loo with his potty regularly. Sometimes he would wee just after we'd returned from a potty trip. I suppose I am going to just have to keep trying and hoping he doesn't wee on anything non-washable/expensive. Ho hum...

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