Potty Training....Help!!


Joshua is 16 months and i want to start potty training. I haven't a clue where to start!! Can anyone give me any advice on how to start and what to do???




  • My childminder has lots of experience in this and says it's best to wait till it's a bit warmer, unless you're in a rush!
    Ds1 was trained within a week at 26mth, but ds2 is only just happy to sit on a potty, doing his 1st wee yesterday, and he's nearly 2 1/2!
    Can your lo tell you he needs a wee or is he aware that he's done one? If he's not i think it'll be a long process, but other mums may know better?
    If he seems ready, we just let him wander round in his undies and asked him lots if he needed a wee, having the potty at hand.
  • My LO is 16 months too and I looked into it, but came to the decision its too early. I brought Gina Ford's pottry training book and I found it really helpful - u could probably pick up a bargain 2nd hand one from ebay or amazon.
  • Hiya LEwis is nearly 10 month and i have started with him, he is just sitting on the potty at the momene without a nappy getting used to it, if he does a pee then ace! god know when it will happen but i think its best to let them get used to the potty first!
  • 16 months sounds a little early to me. I tried with my daughter when she was 21 months and it was a complete nitemare as she just did'nt understand properly and it was stressfull for us both! In the end I gave up and thought I would let her deside when she was ready. A few months later in the summer last year. I'd left her running round the garden with no nappy on and the potty outside on the grass and she just went and used it without being told or asked. From then on it took me just a week to get her completely dry during the day and she was 26 months. I think if you wait until your child is totally ready it will be alot easier for you both. Good luck x x x

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  • my lo is 15 months and bought a potty today as I thought I'd try him twice a day when he normally has a poo tried sitting him on it today and he got off straight away!! Its now amongst his toys where he left it. I will keep sitting him on it so he can get used to it but not make a fuss. AsI know its too early just thought I'd get him used to sitting on it.
    I think kids need to either know when they are going to do something or just find it uncomfortable to have a full nappy.
  • My 10 month old pulls a very distinctive face when he starts to push for a poo so I simply take his nappy off and put him on the potty for him to do his business and he has done it like this since about 8 month old. He might not yet know to si on I himself (as he cant evrn walk yet) but he definately knows its for poopoo so far.

  • Just wait until they are ready. If you have an older child, I find it easier to put the little one on the toilet every time the older one uses the loo.

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