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Potty training- please help me :'(

ok advice needed- wee fella started potty training 2 days ago. first day was great, got about 6 or 7 pees on the potty- all him going without being told, only one or two wee dribbles on floor and wet nappy while alseep. Next day and today has screamed and refused to go near potty- cried for a nappy when he needs, eventually squirting out wee tiny bits twice when bribed followd by peeing the rest in his pants or a pull up as soon as he gets chance. Lots of tantrums- resulting in me being raging and not enjoying things at all. Do I give in or do i keep trying??? agh!!!!!!!

Also am using stickers and buttons as rewards which he loves so not sure what else to do!!! xxxx

I realise there is a forum but most folk who have gotten through it wont look on there now!!!


  • If he's really upset I wouldn't push him. He did do well the first day but if for whatever reason he's refusing to use the potty now, I don't think it's in his best interest to continue. Maybe leave it for a few weeks and try again.

  • Hello! I tried to start toilet/potty training my daughter last Sunday first day was fantastic she liked the idea of wearing pants- we went out and chose some on Saturday and she liked the stickers every time she did wee on the loo- 5 times in total.

    2nd day she screamed when I took her to the toilet and sobbed to me that she wanted nappies on so that's what we did I don't want to force it on her or make the experience a negative one. She also kept saying her tummy hurts which I think because she was holding in a poo I didn't want her to be in pain so back to nappies we went we'll just try again in a few more weeks.

    She is only just turned 2 so still fairly young.xx
  • How old is your LO? Am I right thinking just turned 2?

    I would leave it a week or so and then try again. There is no competition for potty-training early and no point stressing yourself or your little boy. If you're starting to get upset and shout at him then it's only going to make him think that you're upset with him having a wee, holding it longer and more likely to wet himself. (BTW I'm not critising you, we all get stressed and shout at our toddlers occasionally :cry: ).

    After speaking to a number of people with toddlers older than mine they have all said that leaving it until LO is well and truely ready, even asking for it, means that it happens with as little stress as possible.

    H xx
  • I would agree with everyone else, toddlers are funny things, I would just do whatever he wants right now, I have read 'Potty Training Boys' (great book!) and apparently if they are showing this behaviour even after previously using the potty, then you should just put them back in nappies and just say "OK, maybe tomorrow/next week", and suggest they put pants on the next morning but if not just say the same thing. Apparently the worst thing to do with boys (Fragile male ego & all that :lol: ) is pressure them....Although DON'T beat yourself up, I have lost my rag with my 26 months DS more times than I care to admit (Usually about bedtime, but can totally see why it could happen with PT). Oh and my DS is nowhere NEAR ready and I don't see him being ready until 2.5 - 3 years old which does worry me at times - BUT I've been told this - that your child will not want to go to school in a nappy any more than you will want them to so they all get there in the end!! xx
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