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Hi, I know theres already a post on here about this but just needed this quickie question answering.. My son is 2yrs 8m and he's only just becone ready for potty training. We are on day 3 with little success. I know he can do it as we have had one small success when he was offered a reward. I dont want to give in as I'm preggers and due in aug and like I say, he is ready. But tomorrow we have a party to go to. Do I send him in pants and risk him peeing everywhere as he has been (he did it a restaurant yesterday - a huge wee) or do I send him in a nappy and risk confusing him? I have a travel potty but he hates it, also hates the toilet but I know with time he'll get better, Any suggestions gratefully received!! x :\?


  • Hi funky dont envy you doing the potty training I did my 2 1/2 yr old a christmas and must admit i wouldnt use nappy once i started, tough question about the party, maybe you could get some of those terry training pants that are less absorbant than a nappy. I dont think i went out of the house for a week when i potty trained alice but i must admit she was easy. Must be a boy thing coz i remember my 11 year old took ages and hes a boy! Good luck
  • Ive just trained my 2yr old we started off just at home no nappie on and leaving the potty out which went well but couldnt master the going out bit then a friend said if you keep putting a nappy on shes never going to get the hang of it so that was it a hugh bag of clean clothe went with me everywhere and I must have bugged her to death asking every ten mins do you need the toilet she soon got the hang of it
  • when i trained nicole i kept her in pants in the house, and put her in training pants when we were out until she was completely dry, it didnt confuse her just had to keep asking her if she needed toilet, the only thing about the party is he will get excited and prob will have accidents.
  • Thanks girls. Thats what I thought tho, that being at a party he'd be distracted and wet himself.. considering he wets himself when he's well aware of it! I'll try the pull up things then, My daughter was easy to train, dry day and night within a week (just took a while to master the poo poo's) so this is a new experience for me!
  • Girls are definitely easier to potty train than boys, both my girls were dry within a week. Like your avatar says boys are stupid throw rocks at them. Only kidding no offence to boys I have 2 of my own and love them dearly.
  • lol, i really refer to adult boys in my avatar, my baby boy is lovely really x
  • Well just thought i'd give a quick update. It's been 2weeks since we started potty training and Sam has done very well. We still have the odd accident and I still put him in a pull up when I have to do errands all day, but generally he will ask for his potty and wee AND poo in it!! Even his pull up is usually dry cos he now prefers to do it on his potty. I'm well chuffed!!
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