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Hiya everyone, i know there seems to be tonnes of questions about potty training l8ly, just wanted to add mine and see if anyone had the same or similar experience image

my dd is 21 months and at around 14months used the potty 3 times all by her self, then she just went off it but i didnt mind as she wasnt really old enough.

now she see's the potty and says "wee wee" and i tell her yes this is were she should wee. she even takes off her clothes and then sits on the potty and says "wee wee2 but still does nothing, so i leave her to run round the house naked to try encourage her to use the potty but wen she then needs to wee she freaks out and wants a nappy on and then just wee's on the floor. i have put her on the potty mid wee the oast few days aswell.

the main problem is i think she is scared of the potty. if i mention she has to wee on the potty she cries and screams "no!" so i tried the toilet instead "like mummy and daddy do" but still she seems scared of this.

do you think its too early?may this be why? she knows wen she needs to wee, but she holds it in as long as possible, she may wee every 2hours or so, which i thought was quite long?

if anyone could shed any light it would be great

thanks image
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