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Anyone trying to get their toddler dry in the night?

I am writing a feature for Practical Parenting on how to get your toddler dry in the night and I need some great tips from you mums please. If you have had success I need to know about equipment that helped, any good ideas that worked, rewards that did the trick...and so on...anything that will help other mums going through the process or about to start. Please email me and I will use the best!
I also need a mum who has succeeded getting her little one dry in the night recently and would like to write a diary for the magazine telling us all about it.
My email is [email protected]
Looking forward to hearing from you all (particularly as I need to start doing it myself with my little girl!)


  • to be honest, i just waited until he was ready, no pull ups, nothing, and he was dry day and night within 2 weeks with no nightime accidents and only a couple of daytime accidents
  • Snap Claire. Thats what I did with my 2 boys. And I will do the same with my daughter too.
  • Ethans not long been fully dry in the daytime so i had no intention of tackling night times yet but bless him, he's been dry most nights for 2 weeks!! We're gently encouraging it by taking him to the toilet immediatly before bed but we'll wait until after our holiday to try him at night in 'big boy pants'!!
  • Jake managed day and night in 2 weeks too back in Feb! He took an age to become dry during the day then because I am ditzy I almost ran out of pull ups so broached the subject of perhaps he would like Big Boys Pants. Showed him the Pirate ones Nanny bought and he was sold! After the first couple of weeks he decided that he didn't want to wear pull ups/nappies to bed as he was not a baby like Joel and that was pretty much it! Only 2 accidents at night since! We found that lifting him on to the toilet or potty when we went to bed helped him in the first instance but now he wakes on his own. His potty is on standby in his room overnight still and sometimes it has been used during the night and we didn't even know!

    So proud of him!
  • well tate shows no signs yet, he was telling us when he did a wee wee, but not anymore! He likes his nappy straight off when he does a no.2 but not ready for potty training. I thought he would be by now, but they are all different so i mustnt rush him
  • Jaymee's dry through the day and has been for a few months (apart from the odd accident, like tonight when she peed on my back - think she meant it as a joke) but I'm totally chickening out when it comes to night dryness.  I'm not sure she's ready, she wakes up soaking wet but I owuld love her to be out of nappies completely before the baby comes, I just can't handle the idea of of the washing - there's enough from the bathroom when she doesn't quite sit on the toilet right.
  • Riley has been dry for a while now but not going to tackle nite time just yet as he sweets so much and guzzles water like its going out og fashion during the nite sometimes.
  • stephen is 5 and is still not dry at night he doesnt wear pull ups we still lift him during the night

    and christopher is dry day and night he was wearing pull ups for bed but for about 2wks they was dry every morning so we have taken the pull ups off at night now and he is still dry  we use the pampers bed sheets just in case he has accident and stephen has one to   

  • We waited with the whole toilet training thing until Bon was gone three and about to start at nursery and I used the Gina Ford book as the guide, and he was dry in the day within three days.  She and others I have read have warned that trying to force the dry in the night thing can cause more problems than it solves so, again following Gina Ford who says it is a physiological process that can't be rushed, I am waiting until Bon is ready himself.  He is happy enough to wear Dry Nites or similar, but recently he has woken up asking to to go to the toilet in the middle of the night.  I think we are approaching him becoming dry, but it isn't an issue because I won't make it one.

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