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Cramps and bleeding

Missed my period and I did a urine home test and it shows faint positive, so I felt my hcg wasn't high enough to detect  full positive, after a week, did the test again and it still same faint positive. Then on Thursday last week I started seeing some sporting after urinating, then I went for a pregnancy blood test which came out as indeterminate and I was asked to come back in two weeks.then on Friday I had this big blood clot came and we rushed to the hospital and a scan was done and I was told the pregnancy is still der,that I should go and come back in a week time ,but in the evening of Friday I had this severe cramps that lasted throughout the night till Saturday evening so severe that I couldn't sleep stand or do anything, by this time it wasnt sporting again but normal bleeding though light,we called our doctor to tell the severe pains and he said it was threatening miscarriage that we should come to the hospital, when we got there a scan was done again and I was told the gestation sac is der but too early to note that I should come back in a weektime by then it will be 6weeks and I was admitted for bed rest and I was given injection to subdue the pains.right now the severe cramps is no more and the bleeding has reduced to sporting. I just pray and hope I haven't miscarriage as I m waiting till Friday for the good news of the fetus.

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