Any one with hyperemisis

Hi I am relitivly new first post last night i am looking for others having problems with hyperemisis i feel hopeless some times and its not like i didn't know what to expect because my first pregnancy went the same way well this time its a little worse already amune to most of the antiemics and am really trying hard not to go to the hospital as much espesially because ithis time i have a 2 and 1/2 yr old who is devistated every time they have put me in the hospital so far and I am only 14 weeks along is there anyone out there who undstands? I mean one of my 2 ob's the highrisk one told me i had every medical reason to terminate the baby and i just sat there in shock i could not believe he said that to me I told him I am keeping the baby but i was still in shock :\?


  • hi hunn i too am a hypremesis sufferer this is my 3rd pregnancy and by far the worst im 15+5 today so not much further ahead than you. i understand how you feel no one really understands about this illness till they have it. im currently on 16mg ondansetron suppositries but either i have a bug or they arnt working well at the mo. there are a couple of other ladies on here who have this too you should post in the pregnancy forum if you want to chat hunn feel free to mail me
    claire x
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