Can anyone help with embarrasing problem

I am half way thru my pregnancy & I am suffering from constipation & haemorrhoids
Is anyone else suffering from this & what can I do get rid of the problem??? Very uncomfortable.
I am drinking plenty of water, eating salads & fruits etc.image


  • I suffered the same half way thru my pregnancy, although I was never regular anyway which made matters worse!!
    I drank prune juice which actually tastes better than it sounds and also snacked on prunes. That seemed to help me. Don't worry about the haemorrhoids, they are part & parcel of pregnancy. When I gave birth in Jan I managed to push a big haemorrhoid out with the baby!!! My husband saw it & everything but we did not care!!! So put prunes & juice on your next shopping list & I hope this info helps. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy - is this your 1st one?
  • Hi again
    I'm new to this too! I used the Quick Reply box and pressed submit - it seems to work ok!
    Just another thing to add - the haemorrhoids do go I promise. Mine after birth went about 2-3 weeks later and it wasn't even painful as I had stitches to take my mind off it (they never gave me much pain either).
  • Have replied to your message hope it helps.
    had problems before but seemed to go back inside. but now seems to have dropped & painful. will deff try the juice & have a look what creams are available. Yes i am new at the chat room to. sure will get there or someone will help us, if u find out let me know. thanks again
  • I found a really good one called anusol and it shrinks the piles as well as soothing them. Some creams only soothe.

    I had awful constipation and my mum reccommended that I eat one kiwi fruit each day. I gave it a go and it worked-I couldn't believe it. If you can manage two a day for about the first week then even better.
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