Down in the Dumps!

i have been so stressed today... i guess everyone just has days where they worry about their unborn baby. i miscarried back in november and i just worry everyday... is everyone like this or is it just me? i am also only 7 weeks and 3 days and i already have a play pen and baby bed... am i getting things too quickly?


  • Hi

    I m.c at 16 weeks and that stopped me from buying anything until 24 weeks + i didnt even have cots until they were born, however i think you shd do what feels right. it is natural to worry esp after a m/c but its worth telling your m/w when you see her. I had some days where i cldnt breathe i was so worried and others where i hardly thought about it at all.

    I know its hard but try and relax and take care of yourself

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