Scared my baby may have down's . . .

i had my 20 week scan a few days ago 'n found im havin a girl but she has exomphalos which is where some of her organs are cuming out in 2 the cord but the doctors said its a sign of down syndrome im 19 in dont no if i cud cope if she did have it . i've had a amniocentisis so im just waitin 4 da results any 1 goin through anythin similar or bin there ?? xx


  • hi honey!!

    try not to worry too much - exomphalus is something that can happen to any baby - it can be one of those things. if the amnio comes back fine, then usually a couple of operations will sort your lo out. it isnt nice knowing that you lo will have to have them, but to make them ok....... sometimes mums have very difficult decisions to make for their babies.

    if your lo is found to have Downs Syndrome, then you need to speak with all involved - your family, Doctors, maybe even parents of children with Downs - they are probably the best people as are truly the only ones that can explain how difficult - but also very rewarding (and it is, i promise) it can be.

    if you still choose not to go ahead, then that is also fine - you have to do what you think is right for you.

    have a look around the website link below, as it may help put things in perspective for you a little if she is found to have Downs. i hope you are both ok. xxxxxx
  • Tammy- I've not had a down's risk but I've got a lo with kidney probs which were found at the 20 wks scan. It is scary to think your lo may have problems but until you know for sure try not to worry- whatever the outcome you always have choices, you always have support and you always have hope.
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