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Down Syndrome Test Result?

I'm new to this site and to pregnancy. I am 12wks with my first and just got my combined down syndrome test results back. My risk rating is 1:440 - does anyone know if this is ok? The consultant said it was low risk but just wondered what you guys think. xx


  • Hi
    personally I would say you have nothing to worry about. Based on my age I had a 1:165 chance pre testing. ON return of my bloods and nuchal fold scan it came back as 1:66 chance. This was a worry and was classed as high risk a far as statisctics go. I had an amniocentisis at 16 weeks. LUckily for us it cam back with normal chromosomes when looking at Downs, edwards and pataus syndrome. Still waiting for full report to come back.
    One way to look at it is put 439 white balls in a bag and one red ball. What are you actual chances of pulling out the red ball first. I would say minimal.
    I hope this reassures you.
    Mary and Twinkle 18+2
  • Yes, that is low risk. the cut off is 1 in 200 so you are over double that. enjoy your pregnancy!
    d x
  • I have no idea.but I would be assured with your consultant ads he is the expert right!
  • My partner has a 1:443 result but the nuchal translucency is 2.1mm, which I thought was beyond the safe length yet she has been told by the hospital she is low risk so is adamant she doesn't want the harmony test. She's 39 so I am naturally more concerned than I would be if we were in our twenties. I'm confused by the results, can anyone shed some light please?

  • When I had my daughter aged 30, my 12 week nuchal results came back as 1 in 6,500 for Downs. My daughter was diagnosed with Downs at 10 days old!! I'm now 37 weeks pregnant and had a nuchal done which came out at 1 in 40!! I had an amnio and it was fine.

    Nuchals and measurements are just a number crunching exercise (in my opinion) and most of my friends who have children with DS were diagnosis after birth, the test only picks up 85% of cases whilst pregnant and all with normal nuchal measurements.

    Also the most common age for conceveing a child with DS is 28yrs!!

    If you would like any more info just let me know image
  • Hi , I had a 1;26 risk with dd 4 years ago , was advised to have cvs , was not a pleasant experience , the results came back fine but then cultures grew n said baby had very high chance of major abnormality so had the amnio , results came back perfect , weeks of worry for no good reason , dd is here now and absolutley perfect ,very bright , think because of my age - I was 39 , I was a bit of a guinea pig , had nuchal fold n bloods at 12 weeks this pregnancy , just wanted to check the nuchal fold but was told they had to do both , came back at 1;57 , when I told her my age - now 43 she said it put it to lower 1;69,  didn't have cvs or amnio ,( had 2 missed misscarriages in the last 18 months where something was obviously wrong ), and wouldn't have done anything whatever the results , all looked spot on at 20 week scan so just crossing fingers n hoping for the best , good luck x x 

  • i have just had an emergency scan two days ago due to bleeding continuously for six weeks (I'm 11 weeks today)  I've been told my baby has "cystic hygroma" and an omphalocele which means it's abdomonal wall hasn't closed and his or her organs are developing outside the body. the cystic hygroma is a huge sac of fluid which is enveloping my babys entire back, head , shoulders and all th  way down to its bottom. we've been told it's possibly edwards or turners syndrome and referred to a specialist fetal medicine unit in liverpool for more detailed scans and tests. they didn't tell me what the nuchal fold measured but they showed me the big black cloud on the screen and it was huge, it completely covered me baby's back side, as in head shoulders and lower spine and back.  i know deep down i will never meet this baby and whatever th  outcome for him or her it is going to tear me apart and completely break my heart  it really would help to share with you ladies who have been in the same situation or a similar one. xxxxx

  • Hello

    So sorry you are going through this xx Are you able to PM me? I've tried to message you but it won't let me!!

    Rachel xx
  • hi rachalow  I've Sent you a pm hun, hopefully you can reply to that? I'm not sure why it wont allow u to message me, my message buton on my settings is turned on.... i think lol I'll check now xxxx

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