I just wish I knew one way or another

Am starting to get so sick of not knowing what is going on with my pregnancy I keep getting spotting and small bleeds and I am being treated for a unrinary tract infection but I am only 10 weeks pregnant and there is still high risk of miscarriage. I am getting angry and bitter because I can't enjoy my pregnancy, I keep expecting this spotting to get worse and loose the baby or when I have my scan on Wednesday there will be bad news :\(. If I am going to miscarry I am starting to wish it would be over and done with and if everything is fine then I just want this bleeding to stop now!:x

I am emotional about it and my partner just doesn't need this worry at the moment and at first I just prayed it would not get worse and I would not loose the baby but I am just tired of worrying about it so much I am really just wanting the worry to end one way or another (prefferably the bleeding stop). I can not believe that when it comes down to it I can become so cold and angry.


  • Hi,
    I haven't been through this but my friend has, she had bleding early on and had a scan at 8 weeks.
    She is now 16 weeks and has had scans - everything is fine although the bleeding only stopped a week ago.
    I am hoping this will give you some hope and I wish you lots of luck.
    Lots of baby dust to you xx
  • Hi, I also had bleeding due to a UTI and I felt exactly the same as you are. Once I was on medication for the UTI the bleeding stopped within a couple of weeks so there is light at the end of the tunnel.Come my 12 week scan I had convinced myself there would be no baby but there was and i'm now 38+2. So try to keep thinking positive, I know how impossible that seems but worrying will just make you feel worse.
    Good luck hon

  • Thankyou for understanding I can't really talk much about this with people close to me so its nice to hear from people who understand just how frustrating it is not have things going smoothly. I think I might have been hormonal and down when I wrote this because I feel more positive today atleast I haven't got long to wait till my scan on Wednesday.
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