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I'd be really grateful to anyone who might be able to give me some advice. I'm looking into 12 week scans now (I'm 9.5 weeks at the mo.) I'd like to go for a private scan (along with the NHS one, which I am lucky enough to get in my area), because unlike the NHS testing I'd like to include the nasal bone testing in the 12 week results - which I understand they don't do on the NHS at present.

My quesion was an obstetrician I have been recommended to only does 12 week scans at first instance and not the blood testing. The bloods he does at a later date, if, the scan showed a high risk. Apparantly because doing both the scan and the bloods together can increase the risk of giving a false positive increased downs risk percentage. I have only heard that having the scan and the bloods together was a good thing and improved accruacy. Does anyone know if doing the testing first and then the blood sample only if deemed necessay can reduce the false positive results?

Many thanks


  • hi, i think the blood test ur talking about is the triple test, in my understanding this can only be done between 14 -18 weeks anyway, so it doesn't seem that odd to me that they wont do them at the same time.
    usually they take the nuchal scan results and combine these with the blood results to get an overall result, but none of it is an exact science whether u have just the scan or just the bloods or both. i am assuming this doctor wants to do the nuchal scan and then if they show a higher risk element to then follow this up with bloods, rather than doing bloods anyway even if the scan comes back 'normal'.

  • Hi

    Thanks for your reply. Yep thats it exactly, he will only do a blood test if the scan result is not too good (not sure at what level he will deem that to be though), guess they all have different thresholds. I wouldn't mind waiting for the triple test result to, if I had the results from the scan and first blood test, but looks like I'd be just looking at a scan to assess the likelhood on, which seems lacking somewhat based on what I've read.

    I'll keep researching, thanks again.

  • Hi

    This is a link to a reply I did when I had Violet in November 07 which I hope will help you:


    These bloods are totally different to the AFP (Alpha Feta Protein) tests/triple tests done at approx 16-18 weeks.


  • Thanks Carolyn. That was helpful. All sorted now, booked a 12 week scan and blood test to elsewhere. Fingers crossed. Thanks again x
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