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Hi All

Just looking for a little advice from dads-to-be or any mummys that might be able to help....

My OH is a little shocked at the news that we are having a baby and says he needs time to get used to the idea (understandable). We haven't been together for long and were not planning a family for a few years but sometimes you just can't plan these things. In honesty we are sitting on different sides of the fence as to what to do, I have been through this before when I was 18 and made a decision then that I don't regret but I KNOW that I can not make the same decision again (27 now) and he says that he will support me no matter what and I will not be alone but really worried that this will force us apart!

Did anyone have a similar problem or are there any dads out there that were shocked and how did you finally come round to the idea?

I am trying not to talk about it too much but the constant hunger and other changes seem to be quite obvious so it is hard to just forget about it for a few days.



  • tbh shelby, i think when you get pregnant - planned or not- it still comes as a shock! my oh had been together about 7yrs, lived together for 5yrs, married for 1yr, and we planned it!! it still came as a huge shock, and we kept asking what had we done!!

    it doesnt matter how much you want a baby - planned or not- the realisation takes a few weeks to sink in before you can get excited, and start planning etc.

    your oh is still in shock, as you've said - when he gets his head together, i'm sure you will all be fine!! just give him a bit of time at the moment so he can get his head round it!!
  • hey hun I agree with ollier, give it a little time. Men arn't as practical as us lol!!!
    Seriously though maybe take each day as it comes, if you want to keep this baby then do so, I dont mean to be rude but you can do it with/without him! He may well take a while to warm to the idea of being a dad but they do eventially lol!!!
    just because hes not ready to talk/organise things to do with the baby it doesnt mean you cant...right????? If you feel ready, go and treat yourself to a few baby bits, maybe a nice maturnity top/baby book. If he said he will support you no matter what then hold him to that and take baby steps(no pun intended) to include him and maybe you can both get a bit more excited as each day goes by????
    Sorry to waffel on, Im not great at putting thoughts to paper.
    I do wish you all the best babe xxxxx
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