Nervous Newbie!

Hi all. I'm nearly 38 and am a little shocked to find myself pregnant already after only a month of trying! This will be my first. I've been married for 12 years and we've never been bothered about a family until very recently. I've had ME for 9 years which is one of the things that's put us off. Because of my health problems, age, and the fact that I'm very overweight, I think we hadn't really thought it would happen for us so we're both stunned to find ourselves in this situation. I haven't had it confirmed by the GP yet, I'm going to see him tomorrow but I'm definitely pregnant, I feel really nauseous and light headed.
Anyone got any advice for me?


  • First of all: CONGRATULATIONS! Isn???? t it amazing that after just one month of trying you are pregnant. One would have thought that because of your age and health issues it is going to take longer. It should certainly boost your confidence. Good luck Hun, I hope you have a healthy pregnancy!
  • Hi there, i am 39 and just found out I am pregnant, I have not seen the midwife yet but according to my clearblue test I am approx 8 weeks, it is my second child (DD is 15)but my first with my OH who is only 31, I had a m/c in April this year and had had loads of problems with my periods since so was really shocked to get my BFP! I am very scared too, I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy and look forward to chatting with you!
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