How to break it to my hubby?

How do I tell my husband I am expecting #5, when he thought we were done?


  • Congratulations!
    After the initial shock, I'm sure your husband will be delighted with your happy news. My husband has three siblings, although I think it's a Catholic thing... We are lagging behind as this will be our first baby (we're both 35).
    Good luck breaking the news,

  • Well, I think your hubby will be fine too once he's got over the shock.

    This is our first baby (I am 34 and he's 39) and we were told it was impossible because I had a terrible horse riding accident two years ago which left so much damage. We're also career minded so wouldn't have planned one anyway.

    When my period was late I honestly thought I was going through a very early menopause! A few weeks later, prior making appointment with doctor, I went shopping and bought Horse Mart (was finally looking for another horse-Mr Plod) and a pregnancy test.

    Well bugger me the test came back positive. I can remember going home, bursting into tears saying, "I bought Horse Mart, I wanted a horse, and now we're having a baby." I suppose that's not the best way to break such news but eventually (two weeks later ish) my husband is now getting used to the idea and when we saw our first scan we were so in love with the dude.

    I am sure you'll be fine. Good luck.

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  • Hi
    Hate to warn you but if he like my OH be prepared for fall out. Found out we having our 5th and when I told OH he was very unsupportive!!! Told me to think about termination etc... I was in UK he was abroad and told him on phone. 2 hours later he called me back saying sorry and it will be fine...we will cope!!!
    I now 27 weeks and we are happy as larry about it. Worried how I will cope as tired enough but I know we will. A life is a precious thing and if you already have 4 he will appreciate how special bringing life into this world is!

    Just dont expect too much at first and then see how he is a little later. Must say he not too interested in scans this time etc.. had to drag him to 20 week one. He helps out though and knows how rough I have found this one! I know when born he will be hands on and will love this one too bits like he does the others.

    Just make some time when others out or in bed to tell him. It will be fine. After all it takes two to make a baby so the blame cant all be put at your door.
    Good Luck!!!!
    d xxx
  • hi, im sure it will be a shock initially but after that you will be fine, baby no 4 was a shock for us and hubby was not happy to start with (neither was i!!) Isaac is now 8 months old and i wouldnt swap him for anything in the world he is gorgeous and we cant imagine life with out him. best accident we ever had.:lol:
  • Wow - congratulations!
    I am 37, due to be 38 in Feb 08, I have a 14month old daughter and am hoping I may be preggers with #2 - will do test in NY - thats unless 'the painters' arrive first!
  • Thank you all for your support. I've known for a week now, but I still can't bring myself to tell him. We had a miscarriage in 2006, and he was okay with the idea of #5 then. He was very upset about the miscarriage. He never talked about trying again, though and is always worried about what we can afford. He is already upset about how much money I'm spending on Christmas. That's what it is, really, is the affordability. I have no doubt he will adore this one, as he does our others. I even commented one time, when we were watching a show about some family traveling..."must be nice to afford that." He said, "well, it's nice having 4 kids, too!" I just feel bad because he just found out he got a raise and was looking forward to finally being able to get his car fixed. Then, I'm going to tell him and he'll think we never seem to get ahead. I do feel that God always provides for us, so I'm not really worried about the expense, just my husband worring about it. Should I wait 'til after my first doctor visit in January to make sure everthing is okay, first?
  • NOOOO tell him!!! you do not need this over you at xmas. My OH was mad as hell when he found out I had known 2 weeks. You need his support. Babies dont cost much you have all stuff from others?? First time mums want to buy it all new but we know its just not needed and i am begging, stealing and borrowing off everyone. You may get extra family credit?? etc.. talk to your local agency about what extra you will get for another baby! I know money makes things easier but I would rather have 5 healthy happy kids than be a lonely millionaire!! Do the never know IT COULD BE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then you would be happy with 5 kids AND a millionaire.
    Joking really need to share this with him. You will make yourself ill with worry otherwise. Even if in jan things are not alright you need his support more than ever. Please, sit him down and tell him.
    Happy Xmas
    d xxx
  • tell him now. even if he isnt too happy to start with he will come round and its one hell of a burden to carry on your own, he might even surprise you and be over the moon.
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