First time mums

Hi everyone,
I was wondering how many of us are having our first baby?



  • Hi Ivana,
    I'll be 35 on Thursday and baby is due in March. How are you finding motherhood?

  • Thanks Ivana,
    How many months old is your baby now? I think you've got the right idea having a small age gap between your children; there's a 6 year gap between me and my sister. Hopefully you'll get nappies and potty training out of the way quickly!
    I hope your baby sleeps through the night soon. When I was born, my Mum bought a large tapestry kit, intending to do it once I'd gone to sleep in the evenings. 23 years later it was finished, and my sister and I had both stitched sections of it, too! I'm sure your baby isn't as naughty as I was. I'm hoping mine will take after it's father, who was a very placid, well behaved baby. On the ultrasound scan, the baby was relaxing with hands behind it's head and it's feet crossed at the ankles; how laid back is that?

  • I guess I could be classed as an older mum! I'm 34 today and Poppy will be 10 weeks on Monday. Her birthday present to me today was a huge poo just as I was changing her wet nappy - nice eh?!
    I love being a mum and to be honest I'm not sure I could have coped when I was younger, I was too selfish and enjoyed going out too much. Now my oh & I feel like we have enjoyed ourselves a lot since we got married (10 years ago!), travelled to some beautiful places and lived a lot - now we have Poppy things are different but so much nicer!
  • hi
    I'm 43 and first time mum. We spent only about 3 months ttc and did it without any special aids iykwim.
    I am so in love with my lo. I know I could not have done it younger as I was too busy working, saving money etc. But at my age, not getting enough sleep is killing me.
  • Hi everyone,
    I already know what you mean about the sleep deprivation; it only takes a couple of night time trips to the toilet and I'm knackered! I suppose I'm preparing for real sleepless nights when baby arrives...

  • Happy birthday Donna and Nessy!!

    I'm 35 - will be 36 when lo arrives in May. This is our 1st and after 18 years together it will be a big change - but we can't wait. We were really lucky too - only started trying in June and got pregnant in August!! We want to have at least 1 more so I guess we'll not be leaving too big a gap (though we'll wait to see how we manage with this one before we make any plans!!)

    We're so excited - can't wait till the scan in Jan to find out (hopefully Ivana) if we're having a boy or a girl. Don't have a preference (just want a happy, healthy lo) but have absolutely no patience lol. xx
  • The lack of sleep is a killer and my sister says it doesn't get much better! (thanks sis) (her kids are 16,14,12,11).
    My lo is now 13months and has gone through a spate of illness (colds and viruses) and so we are all knackered! hopefully things will pick up soon!
    No matter how tired you are etc, just seeing Grace's little smile makes my heart melt and all the sleep deprivation and sick on clothes etc is forgiven!

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  • Hi ladies, can I introduce myself? I've been on this site for what seems like ages and I've only just seen this thread! I don't feel old so maybe I just haven't 'seen' it!! I've just turned 35 and I'm 8+6 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I got married in June to the most wonderful man and now we can't wait until July when our little one will be born! It's so exciting!

    Serena xxxxx
  • Hi Serena,
    I turned 35 in November. Like you, I married this year (in April) and our baby is due in March. We had our honeymoon in Tokyo in September, during 2nd trimester. It's been a busy year! Did you go on honeymoon in June? Good luck with your 12 week scan; it's an amazing experience...

  • Hi Nessy

    I'm 37 and am 7 weeks pregnant with my first baby!!!!

  • Hi everyone,
    It's great to see so many of us in our 30s and 40s who are mums or about to become mums. Hope all your pregnancies are going well.

  • hi everyone, this is our first baby and
    it is due aug2nd.... the day b4 my 30th birthday!!!
    jules. x x x x
  • Hi Nessy. How rude, I didn't answer your question! Yes we went to America on honeymoon. We had a week in New York, a week in Orlando and a week down at the Florida Keys. It was amazing and my hubby booked it all as a surprise. I didn't have a clue where we were going until we cut the cake on our wedding day. We had a novelty cake - 3 suitcases!! xxxx
  • Hi my lo is 10 weeks old and my first she arrived 1 week after my 40th. I had to have a c-section as she was breech, which I still feel like i am getting over. Michelle
  • Congratulations Michelle!
    Hope you are enjoying motherhood and recovering well,

  • Its so nice to see so many happy older mums.....When I found out i was pregnant I was more concerned about my age than anything else. I'm 38 and expecting my first baby at the begining of May and it's wonderful to have sites like this which helps the whole process seem very normal.
    I would be keen to hear from anyone that is currently a mum and using a travel system as the feedback would be really welcome......getting really confused about what to buy.
  • Hi ladies, don't know why its taken me so long to come on this forum! I'm 34 and 14 weeks pregnant with my first baby, although I'll turn 35 before he/she is born. I got married in September and our baby is due the end of July, so a lovely early anniversary present! xx
  • Good luck Heather, hope the next 3 weeks don't drag too much for you xx

  • Hi Jay Jay
    I was 39 when I had my first one, he is now 17mths old and I am due again in 2 weeks. We definitely didn't plan on 2 but now that it has happened we are well pleased as he definitely needs company and a playmate. This one is a boy as well which is great. I have found it a real struggle this time though dealing with a toddler as well as being heavily pregnant with SPD! Probally would have been much easier 15 years ago but I wasn't ready for it then.

    In response to ur question about travel systems I bought a Jane first time around but not really much good this time as carrycot doesn't fit backseat with toddler car seat so apart from that can't realy help you
  • Hi Everyone,
    Our baby will be an early 1st wedding anniversary present, too. Married 21st April last year and baby due 19th March. I'm secretly hoping it will take after it's father and arrive late, as house isn't ready!

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