How old is old??

Quick question... how old do you have to be to be an older mum??? :roll:

I'm guessing at 37 I am one - my teenage son certainly says I'm ancient to be pregnant again (I was 21 when I had him and didn't class myself as a young mum then!) :\)


  • I'm 32 and don't really class myself as old or young.
    Maybe there should be an inbetween mum's forum. lol lol
  • Well I am 41 in 23 days and due to be induced in 14 days due to liver complications - and I definitely class myself as an older mum!!! However, before I was pregnant I would have described myself as a rather fit mummy...hopefully I will feel like that again eventually lol.
  • Im 35 but i wouldnt class myself as an older mum, mind you when i had my first 11 years ago i didnt class myself as a younger mum
  • Hiya
    think anything over the age of 35 is classed as older in medical cirlces as that is when they start making fuss about amnio etc.... I 38 and having my 5th!!!! I was 21, 24, 34, 35 when had others. This is first one over 35 when i would class me as older.
    Anyone welcome to come and chat though!!!!
    I DID feel like younger mum at 21 and 24 and I looked very very young too so I got odd looks at school pick ups etc..
    d x
  • Hiya, Im 38 and recently found out preggers with 3rd. Other 2 are 14 and 6. Thought that was it but got married in August and hey presto! Hubby has already got 10 year old daughter. This amnio business - am not sure what to do, are you all having it? Dont know how I would feel so not sure I want to know, at the end of the day its our baby no matter what and what are the chances tests could be wrong? Has anyone else been tested and how did you feel?
  • Hi Oldermum69 - I had the nuchal fold scan in conuunction with blood tests and they also looked at the nasal bone too. The result was 1:35,000 for downs and 1:50,000 for edwards syndrome. I had already decided that no matter what I would keep baby as she is so, so wanted. I would have only had the amnio if the risk was very high and so hubby and I could have prepared ourselves. But still even then would have been really paranoid about the amnio causing a miscarriage. Especially as we had a miscarriage back in January so didn't want to do anything to put this pregnancy at risk...funny thing is I am now 35+1 and they are looking to deliver me early as my liver is playing baby is fine it is my body that is suffering!!!
  • Hi... I decided that i was only gona have the blood test at 15 wks - we discussed having tests last time i was pregnant but I had a miscarriage at 11+ weeks in feb and this time I was just so pleased to be pregnant again I didnt want to risk an amnio. Like Cally my baby seems to be doing fine but my body doesn't like being pregnant - (tho not to the same extent as Cally) at 21 it was a breeze - now at 37 my body is saying 'you're having a laugh'!! 7 weeks left now and it seems like a long way off!
  • Hi, well my lo is 8 wks this wk and i turned 42 ten days after giving birth. I have a 15yr old daughter as well. Loving every minute of this birth. I didn't have any tests as i knew i wouldn't do anything with the result. We were both desperate for this baby. Lo is absolutely gorgeous. Al x
  • i had my first at 17, 2nd at 18,3rd at 23, 4th at 33, i was amazed at the amount of people who said "your too old" when expecting my fourth. i dont think im passed it yet and belive children keep you young.
  • I feel old at 37!!! I'm only 5wks +4 so am still getting used to the idea.This will be my 4th.Had my others at 28,30 & 31. It wasn't planned but as the shock is starting to wear off I'm getting quite excited.Even though its a long way off! Haven't seen my gp yet as when I rang all i got was a telephone consultation and told don't bother making an appointment for another 4 weeks!!

  • I had my first at 20, second at 36 and third at 38. She will be one tomorrow and Im feeling broody again lol! Dont think another one is on the cards tho, the spirit is willing but the body is weak! :lol: Still dont think of myself as an 'older' mum tho! ;\)

    Was amazed second time around at how much had changed in antenatal care! With my first I felt at the mercy of the medics, but these last two I felt as tho I was being listened too. Much better!
  • Hi, I had my first at 35, second at 37 and my third who will be 8 weeks old on Saturday, the day before my 40th birthday. I didn't think of myself as being an older Mummy until my third, I think the big 40 was worrying me!!!! lol
  • Hi everyone,
    I'm 34 (35 in a few weeks) but no one on this thread is as old as my Mum when she had me (she was 46!)

  • Nice to see I'm not alone.I guess its just the shock of being pregnant again after nearly 7 years.Thats and a couple of my "friends"!!! have pointed out when my eldest is 20 I will still have a 10yr old at home!!!
  • About 4 years ago I laughed at the fact that when my friends were 40 (most of my friends seem to be older than me) they would have young children - whereas I would have a 19 yr old and life would really begin for me at 40!!! Oooooops - then I met my hubby and now we have a lo aged 2 and a baby due in 6wks - so when I'm 40 I'll have a 5 and a 3 yr old aswell as the 19 yr old - its not quite what I planned - hey ho wouldn't be without any of them (although there are times when a break would be nice! image)

    It was a huge shock to my system to be pregnant again 14 years after having my son - don't ask why we decided to have another one - it seemed like a good idea at the time!! My son is 16 on dec12th and i've been told by him that on no account am I to have this baby (due on 21st) on his birthday - well if this one is as stubborn as he is you can bet money on the fact it will arrive on the 12th! I cant really complain though cos hes had a lot to deal with in the past couple of years - from being on his own with me (was a single parent after his dad left me when I was 6months pregnant) to having a step dad, 2 step siblings, a half sister and a half bro due soon plus moving away from the place he grew up in.... and hes not complained about any of it really. For those of you with older ones as well - how have they taken to having young ones around?
  • Hi Emalenna, my daughter is 15 and has pestered me and her stepdad for a sister/brother for the last 6 yrs. She had no idea we were trying and was over the moon when we told her we were expecting. She loves her 8 wk old sis to bits. Although i can sometimes see a little jealousy, understandably as she had me to herself for 14yrs! She does all that i do for lo except feed as i'm breast feedin. She proudly pushes the pram and rushes in from school for her cuddles with lo. Al x
  • Im 31 and pregnant with my first, my OH is 38 and has a 12 year old son who we have every weekend. Think my OH is feeling a bit old as he has started to use Grecian 2000 to get rid of his grey hair. lol!

  • Hi, I'm 39 and going in for a section a week on Friday! I hadn't intended to leave it until now to have my second (my daughter is 7) - but you can't always control nature can you?! I'm just hoping that my 7 year old will be a big help to me!

    Gill x
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