Hello everyone.
I went into hospital again and was put on a trace and had second steroid injection.Also discovered i am anemic so been put on Iron tablets. Everything looked fine. Went for my apppointment with consultant, she done a quick scan but as i was so tender she didnt want to probe too hard so couldnt tell much. On examining me she said my womb was very tense and as a reasult of all the bleeding she wanted me to stay in said that birth is imminent in the next few days via cesarian as they are giving me a very short threshold what ever that means, unless things settle which isnt very likely.

I came home to get some stuff together and was on our way back in to town when WE HAD A HEAD ON CAR CRASH.[/color] I think i am still in shock. There was me and OH along with our other children who are 6, 4, and 2 in the car. We where travelling about 25 to 30mph and it was full on. Just so glad we all had our seat belts on. I think the shock just took over completely as I came home and havent been back to hspital. No one was hurt badly in the crash my daughter who is 2 has a red mark on her neck very slight from the seat belt and our 4 year old son complained about a belly ache and was sick, all put down to shock i think. The police came and check everyone briefly and said we all seemed fine so no need for ambulance. I have decided to stay up as long as i can now and see if i have any extra pain and see if little one moves much, have had a few movements so far. The car is a write off as is the other drivers (whos fault it was btw) so will have to try and sort out courtesy car first thing in the morning as hospital is 20miles away and wont be able to cope if I have to go alone and OH cant come up and down as often is needed.
I personally think my daughter will be born tomorrow when I will be 33+1 weeks and had 2 steroid injections. At the way my luck is going i think it would be safer for her if she is born. Fingers crossed.

thanks again everyone
Will keep you updated



  • Oh my god, thats awful. Im glad to hear your all fine but it is a terrible shock. A woman crashed into my car when I was 28 weeks pg and wrote my car off too and although I wasnt hurt I got a terrible fright. You will be exactly the same gestation as me when I had Kenny and he is perfect, just a little small for his age. We go by his due date when it comes to development and growing.

    Good luck and keep us up to date with your impatient little girl.
  • Good luck for the birth. That is awful about the car crash. As long as everyone is ok then thats good. I would say you have had a big shock.

    Keep us up to date on the birth.
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