erm bulky cord?

I have been told that the cord is bulky, does anybody know what that means?


  • Sorry,no not heard that one before. Could your midwife not give you an explanation?
  • I didnt think much of it at the time but I have tried googling it and its not very helpful. the only "sort of" answer  I could get was that sometimes the cord looks bulky when it is knotted. I am going back for another scan next week though. for a few reasons, I have an internal bleed and they have to monitor it but they think it was just when the placenta attached it causes a rupture and should go away after a while and also they couldn't see everything they needed to so want to have a another look at the baby.
  • Hope all goes well Linz.
    Pauline x
  • Hope it goes well Linz x x
  • hope all goes OK linz x
  • everything else was fine thanks ladies, I got another scan tomorrow and I am going to see my specialist. I have wrote all my questions on paper and put them in my notes so I dont forget to ask any of them. this is going to be a rocky pregnancy

    in order so far we have had

    1- eptopic pregnancy - which its not

    2- bulky cord ?????????

    3- Internal bleed????????/

    4- my usual crap cervix which cant cope with the weight of babies past 24 weeks.

    5- I was told Ayesha had downs-she doesnt. So the want to watch for that again aswel.

    Between now and 4th December I have 9 appointments already booked with a possible extra 3 to be booked. And they wonder why I'm tired. haha gotta blame someone

  • Hope all was ok Linz.
    Pauline x
  • Good luck for your scan, hope it all goes well for you.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • as you all know I have already had a bumpy ride, well every time I go the hospital to get one problem sorted I feel like I walk out with 5 extra problems well yesterday this happened.

    1) internal bleed has.........GONE

    2) Bulky cord is ..................NORMAL

    3) Eptopic pregnancy is.............NORMAL

    4) Weak cervix is .........................NORMAL

    OMG I might actually have a normal pregnancy from now on and labour.

     Also they won't induce me whichis great I have never gone into labour all by myself exp for India who died so I cant wait to do it all by myself and have a happy ending! yay me

  • Hi Linz.  Glad things are looking OK and there is a lot less to worry about for you!  What a long list of potential probelms you have had to face, but you sound upbeat now and that is great.

    The only thing I can add to the discussion, other than offering my best wishes which you know are always there, is that when my daughter was born I was told I had a 'thick' cord although it was still 'normal' and did all it was supposed to, but it did mean that it took over two weeks for the cord to drop off Catalina and it got a bit yucky while it did, oozing yellow stuff and I had to clean it every nappy change and use a antibacterial power to stop it becoming infected.  Apparently it didn't hurt her though how they know that I'm not sure. 

    Take care, N. xxx

  • thanks ladies. I am feeling much better. had a great weekend with the kids and rob. Now I can relax its finally getting exciting. although for the 1st time im scared about going into labour naturally but im sure I'll be fine its just the unknown for me. I think I will find out the sex just because everyone else wants to so best had.

    i got a scan on the 6th nov for a check up on cervix which they will still watch until about 32 weeks but my big scan is on the 4th dec. Hoping for a boy so figures crossed.

  • Great to hear that everything is OK Linz, and that you are feeling more positive! There is no wonder you are worried about going into labour naturally. I am supposed to be writing a birth plan for monday but considering I am expecting to be told that i will need a C section, what is the point!!!

    I hope you get your boy!!!! Got my fingers crossed for you. Having said that, so long as your baby is alive and healthy, that's all that matters!!

  • how right you are. cant belive you only got 2 weeks left
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