what a relief, i think

Hello all,

have just seen the midwife and shes totlly put my mind at rest, well as much as possible, my bp has gone down from 150/70 to 120/50 so thats all good, did all the usual checks and shes very happy.

You see what the hospital had failed to tell me was my baby is well above average so where the abdominal curcumfrence and head measurements have dropped to are still just above average! Obviously its still a concern that its slowed down but no here near as bad had baby dropped below average line. so thats a relief. I feel calmer now because hopefully on the 13th i will get my section date and finally breath a sigh of relief and get back to normal mummy mode (rushing about in a mess) which i suprisingly miss alot. But one thing i know for sure is the little one will be here before th 26th and i cant wait, mentioned the bf and its a case of fingers crossed i get supportive mw in hospital!!! And with Jack no-one seemed to have the time so looks like i might just have to watch my nct dvd again and just be stubborn

thanx for all the support though everyone when i was having my flap!


  • No worries we are always here when you feel down.

    Glad you have seen your midwife and she has put your mind at rest. Just focus on the 13th now x

  • Glad all ok.
    Pauline x
  • Glad its all going well for you,best of luck for the date,and getting help with BF,i was able to bf but unsure how properly but all the mw at the hossy saw mw doing it and thought i was doing fine,never told me if he was latched on properly or not,till i was home and asked the mw there to show me other ways as i was feeling useless at it,she was a great help and showed me the rugby ball position which helped massively as riley didnt feed well on one side till i strated this.

    Wishing you all the best and whatever happens,always ask them to show you as i lernt by not speaking up you wont get heard, ifkwim.


  • i will do thanx for the advice xxx
  • thats great news. hope all stays well
  • Me to, i just cant wait for little sprout to arrive!! Dont know wat id do without pp xx

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