What the......................!

Although i had quite a easy labour with Ethan i would not say that it was un-eventful. It was full of little hiccups so i thought that i would share this one little detail with you. My waters had broken and i had to go into hospital to be examined, the nurse was complaining about the poor lighting & the next thing we knew she had thrust a torch into Steve's (my partners) hand and asked him to shine it in the direction of the baby (gulp!) What the......!

The following evening, in the delivery suite, after i had given birth to Ethan the lamp was broken and so Steve was asked by the midwife to shine a torch down below so that she could see where she was stitching, (an even bigger... GULP!)

 You would be forgiven for thinking i gave birth during a blackout in world war 2 but it was actually just two years ago yesterday at my local hospital.


  • Oh my goodness, i think id have offered to hold it myself, your poor husband and poor you, some hospitals really need a huge shakeup, i hope other than that it was a positive experience xxx
  • Lol !!! blame NHS cutbacks I guess!!!
  • True, but other than that the experience was positive. Ethan was born strong and healthy and thats all that really matters. Glad i didnt have to have a section though, god knows what they would have used for a scalpal LOL.

  • When my waters went when I was pregnant with India they used a big torch, I actually laughed at them and said I work in B&Q I could have got you discount. They just snarled at me. Luckly I got transferred and with my next pregnancies I went to a different hospital
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