Its a .................

surprise, well for now. I know what Im having but I might leave you all hangin for a bit.

Didnt know I was findin out today. I only went to check that my cervix is still closed and that no funnelling or dilating has started. And it hasnt. I agreed to do a research for the hospital but it meant have a smear and them scanning the baby quickly afterwards. So on it went.During which I said to Isabelle that in a couple of weeks is my 20week scan and she can find out what I am having then.  And afterwards he said now as a thank you we have arranged this. And fliped the screen and it was a 3D scan and he said "its a ................"


  • Oohh you teese you! image

    Glad it went well, your have to spill the beans sooner of later or I might have to kill you!!image

    Love Sarah.xx

  • haha sarah, I put it on another thread so the answer is out there. haha only kidding its a boy
  • Wooohoooo!!!!!image

    Congratulations to you, bet his big sisters are chuffed to bits and you and your hubby of course.


  • just seen this post!! that's great news.. what was the 3D scan like? I would love to have one.. our little sproglet wouldn't open it's legs, so we have a surprise waiting for us.. glad to hear everything going well with your pregnancy x
  • ahhhhh congratulations hun, im so pleased for you. wow, how cute, you get to buy lots of fab boy stuff.

    congrats again


  • A boy, that's great, congrats Linz.

    P x

  • Thats great news, Congratulations x
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