Just incase i disappear under a mountain of nappies and sicky muslins, i thought id come on and wish you other ladies good luck, i can wait to hear all about bump almighty and smurfy!

I will text Mel tomorow so she can let you all know what i have, im so excited!

Best of luck Mel and caroline and good luck to you other bumps, no matter how small, hopefully ill be back and getting my post count upto 1000 before crimbo!!!!!!!

much love xxximage



  • image Good Luck for tomorrow Laura!!

    We'll all be thinking of you!!! I have my pre-op tomorrow!! The final need to wee in a bottle!! woo hoo!!!

    Looking forward to hearing all about your new bundle of joy!!!!

    Take care


  • Hmmm weeing in a bottle with a huge bump to negotiate, not something ill miss!

    Hope Dan is better soon for you mel, Jack ruined all my plans to spend time with him as he ate lunch then asked to go upstairs for a nap and is still there!!! image

    Good luck and take care xxx

  • Rob went in my bag when we were at the hospital and shouted everywhere why is there wee in your bag. Youd think 4th time round he'd know by now!

    I know good luck to all 3 of you I am so jealous, I got to wait till april. Get the cameras at the ready for piccies to post to us all. Mel have you got a name yet? 

  • thats allways something that andrews been silly about he even once thought it would be funny to drop my bag to see if it would come undone!!

  • Good luck Laura, can't wait to hear and see the pics x x
  • Oh right, well lets us know asap tomorrow as soon as you get news from Laura
  • good luck for tomorrow Laura, i'll be thinking of you image hope you have a lovely meal this evening too, looking forward to finding out what you had!

    hope smurfy and bump almighty both doing well.. sorry to hear about Bronwyn Caroline - why can things never be easy??! hope Dan gets better soon too.. it's such a bad time of year for bugs..image

  • She gone offline now and I got really ichy feet I am dying to be there with her just to find out asap, its so exciting even more than usual as she dont know what she is having. oh cant wait
  • Good luck for tomorrow,Laura.Have a lovely time to night,and try to get a good nights rest ready for the big day.Probably far too excited
  • Good luck Laura, I'll be thinking about you.


  • my friend lucie had a little girl today - Holly, after a 31 hour labour.. haven't found out the weight yet, but really looking forward to meeting her! so many babies at the moment!! this time next week, there'll be 3 more image (and probably a few more than that!!)
  • aww.. that is tiny!! how big do you think bump almighty will be mel?
  • Good luck Laura, will be thinking of you tomorrow x
  • how big were aaron and daniel? ben was 8lb 7oz which was quite big really, they don't stay little for long do they?!! 5lbs 13oz might scare me a bit though..
  • good luck Laura! Take care and enjoy those first few precious days xx
  • my pregnancy brain is all mushy.. do you have a date for your section yet?
  • wow!! only a few days to go image must have been so nice sharing your pregnancy with caroline on here image are you guys going to meet up and compare babies??! if so - we want pictures!! do you feel like you've got everything ready for bump almighty? what do aaron and dan think?
  • that's sweet that aaron's worried for you.. does he still think it's coming out of your mouth?! my friend's brother is quite severely autistic, but he was really excited when his little sister was born. Must be hard for you.. whereabouts do you live? Caroline's down in the South West if my brain is working correctly..?
  • LOL Mel.imageimageimage

    Aaron and Daniel ( my onesimageimage) think all babies are IVF and all born through sections. I haven't had the guts to go through IT properly yet.image Although I'm sure Daniel knows more than he lets on. He will be having sex ed after Christmas so he is either going to be in for a big surprise or it will be old news for him.image

  • good luck cant wait to hear what you have had!!! xxx hope all goes well xx
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