Hi, my name is Hayley, im 22 and living in Devon. Im currently 6 months pregnant with my first baby and would love to chat to any mums/to be!! Please get in touch x x x


  • Hiya Haylz 

    welcome to pp!image 

    Not a mum to be, just had a little girl 3wks ago! and i also have a crazy toddler, theres alot of mums 2 be on here, were all a friendly bunch, and theres usually someone about. Theres alot of tough times i wouldnt have got thru without this forum, hope you find it as usefull!

    Good luck with your pregnancy and hope to speak soon

  • Hello,Haylz.I'm Jo.I'm Mum to 6 and I'm 4 months pregnant.Welcome to PP.Look forward to chatting soon
  • Hi Hayley I'm a mtb with my second.  I'm 7 months now, only 12 weeks to go and can't wait!  Where abouts in Devon are you?  I lived in Devon for about seven years, in Torbay.

    Do you know what you're having?  Have you picked any names yet? Get in touch!

  • Hi Hayley,

    I'm Lucy, 27 and mtb with my second, my little boy is 2 and a half. i'm a couple of days behind Sarah with this little one! Have no idea what this one is.. We live in Sussex.

    Look forward to chatting soon xx

  • Hi, I'm Sarah and pregnant with my 6th baby...........

    I have 3 teenage boys from my first marriage and a girl and a boy with my DH now, this baby (a girl) will be our 3rd together.x

    Welcome to you.xxxxxx

  • Hi there I'm Jenni,mum to Isabelle,we live in somerset. Where in Devon are you as we are right on the border. my stepchildren live in Devon
  • Hi Hayley,

    I'm Sarah and pregnant with #1 image look forward to chatting to you soon.


  • Hi hayley, welcome to pp. I hope you make some good friends here and that the rest of your pregnancy goes well.
  • Hi Hayley, welcome to pp!

    I am pg with number 2 due on the 7th of august. I also have a little 15 month old girl called Hollie. I'm Karen, 23 and i live in south wales with my partner Ian.

    Welcome to pp too scampbeast. I was the same when pg with Hollie even at 40 weeks i still couldnt believe i would soon have a little baby to look after. xx

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