help me please!!! am I pregnant ? i'm so confused.............

I have no idea when my period is due as after the MC i'm very irregular.

As some of you know a few weeks ago I did a digital test as I thought I might have concieved last month just before my period and had a period regardless. It was negative and I thought maybe I had tested too early!I repeated it again a few days after,

Anyway,Boobs still kill and waking in the night feeling nauseous.Got a first response kit yesterday which showed negative.image This may sound gross but some liquid leaked form my boobs when I examined them,a bit of yellowish stuff and some white milky like stuff!!!! What is going on. It can't possibly be form when I was bfeeding can it??I finished 7months ago!!!!!

I am so confused and also feel like poo as I have a bad sinus i infection too!!!



  • Hi hun,sorry it's all confusing for you,im not much help but i always get sore boobs when im due on and my boobs have leaked a little if i lean or lay on one side and squash one(only the one side tho)rileys 4 and i dont see why it should still happen but my cousin still lactated mths after she stopped BF so this could be normal for you.

    Have you been to see your Dr or ask you MW,they may be able to shed some light on it for you.

    Big hugs.xx

  • Sorry you are going through this sweetie, I know how it feels. I really hope you are pg. The thing is that I have had since my mc so may symptoms like aching boobs, indigesting, feeling nauseous etc and I know that I am not pg, I think it is still higher than normal hormone levels still flying round out bodies! Fingers crossed for BFP! x

  • i still leaked a bit over a year after breastfeeding Ben..! sorry you feel like poo - steam inhalation and nasonex nasal spray should help with sinus congestion (although you shouldn't use nasonex if pg!)..

    i think pauline might be right that it could just be all your hormones swishing around, i guess if you wanted to confirm for sure your GP could do a blood test, or you could just wait for next month and retest.. but usually the home testing kits are what the GP goes by..

    fingers crossed i'm wrong and bfp!! in meantime, hope your sinuses clear up xx

  • Thanks everyone xx
  • Hope your feeling better soon, i cant offer any advice apart from visit the docs as im only now bf properly for the 1st time and ive never mc or ttc the 'correct' way just kinda let it happen, ive got my fingers crossed for you xxx

    And im still pretty new to forums what does bfp stand for???

  • Poor you,  you're really suffering at the moment aren't you image

    After my MC I had quite a few months of being very irregular, and for the whole time I felt really bad, aching boobs, odd queasiness the works.  I think that the hormones take just so long to flush out of your system, it messes everything up.

    I would say get to the doctor if you are really concerned, at least it might set your mind at rest.

    Hope you start to feel a bit better soon, and good luck x

  • It must be terrible not knowing.You can be irregular for a long time after mc.I often get the aching boobs,the nausea etc when AF is due especially if it's late or irregular.Like the other ladies say you still have a lot of hormones in your system.May still be good news though,Ihope it is.All you can do is wait another couple of weeks,before testing again.I've found myself testing too early,or too frequently makes it all more frustrating
    Hope you feel better soon.Hope you get lucky soon.
  • Jen sounds like you have a lot of hormones running around in your body and i hope it is for the right reason. Thats all i can say really is wait a little while longer and test again.

    I filled right back up with milk before i got my positive test, and i was dripping like a tap for a couple of weeks. But i only finished feeding hollie about 5 weeks ago so not too concerned about it. But now i am further along into my pregnancy i seem to have lost all my milk and Ian even asked me where my boobs were the other night imageimage But i think it takes a while for you to stop completely with the milk production, and bearing in mind you have recently suffered a mc then there will still be hormones in your body from that. 

    I hope you get an answer soon, it must be so irritating not knowing what your body is up to. Fingers crossed you get the answer you want xx

  • hi hun. I breastfed Ayesha and not for long. But I seem to just have milky boobs. When I have a bath pregnant or not I leak a little. But I think the girls are right. your best just heading to your doctor and explain the whole thing and ask for a bllood test.
  • Hi - think you need to have a little chat with your doctor, just to get everything checked out, but if the tests are coming back negative then chances are you are not pregnant.  They are pretty sensitve and as good as the tests they use in hospital.

    As for the breast leakage, I could get a few drops of liquid out two years or so after I finished feeding Bon and my mum says she could up to seven years after having me and she didn't feed me for long.

    Good luck with TTC and I hope everything settles down.

  • Hi all, hoping someone can lend some guidance or I missed my period which was supposed to be here on the 17th (thursday) I took a pregnancy test Saturday and Sunday, both having faint positives. Wanting a more definitive answer is took a clear blue digital on Tuesday and got a positive 1-2, so putting me at about 4 weeks pregnant.  Then Tuesday night I started having very light spotting and over night into today now have a more heavier bleeding going on 😔 has anyone experienced this? And if so what are most likely reasons? I'm trying not to stress too much cause I know it's possible eek that it could be normal and after I can still be pregnant but I'm very upset and concerned. ADVICE PLEASE

  • Hi guys. I'm new here. I'm 33 years old. I been trying to get pg for a while. I don't have any kids. Lately I have I went from eating meat to hating meat. The smell of meat grosses me out so much. If I smell it anywhere, I throw up immediately. I have been very nauseas lately. Sometimes drinking water makes me wanna throw up. I can't seem to keep much down other than salad. And the last time I had my periods was at the beginning of February. My periods were always irregular but not that irregular. I always get them every month but jyst on irregular dates.I know what y'all thinking that y can't I take pregnancy test. I m just very scared. This is my first time and I'm very very scared and I miss my mom and she is so far away from me and I'm scared and I'm didn't know where else to go. I hope y'all don't mind. 

  • imageSo confused, I'm currently 1 day late but the two I've taken haven't shown anything but before they have been faint 😞

  • Hi ladies, 

    can you help. I'm 3 days late and usually have period pains but nothing this time. I did a clear blue digital this morning and it was negative but i have done the other two after and to me they are positive? help xximage

  • I'm pregnant but when I did my first pregnancy test at a health department they told me I wasn't but a week after i had to go the hospital for sickness they then told me i was pregnant i was 6 weeks hope this helped u if u haven't found out yet 

  • The best way to find out is a pregnancy test at a doctors office to us it could look positive but could really be negative so I wouldn't really count on other ppl by a picture 

  • hi...I wanted to know if iam pregnant I need help..I've been anxious to know if iam or not...I've had unprotected intercourse 2 days before my period which was on Nov 14 around 11pm..I was expecting my period on the 17th n I always get it on the day I know I'm suppose to even if I have iam 11 days late going on 12 I've taken 3 pregnancy tests and I get negative...I've been feeling grumpy bloated some days more sleepy..and peeing more..I wanna know ur opinions plsss thank youuuu

  • Hi Viky. You usually ovulate about 14 days before your period, and the egg lasts around 24-48 hours - in which time it would need to be fertilised in order for you to get pregnant. If you only have sex 2-3 days before your period was due it would be very unlikely that you would have fallen pregnant this month. If you have had 3 negative tests but are still feeling ill, then you may be best to make an appointment with your Dr to discuss this a bit more and see if it is something else. Good luck

  • imageimageimage

    So I had already posted on here a while ago, stc but this month... I just feel so differen... it says I was meant to ovulate Thursday, however I think I ovulated the Sunday, so today I will be either 12dpo or 9dpo… I tested this morning with a clear blue ... I thought I could see the + but in some photos I had to edit for it to lightly show... does this mean k could be? I will be testing again on Sunday.

  • I had just taken these and need help telling!image

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