anybody had inplantation bleed?

hello girls, well i had a surge on ovulation sticks 12 days ago and i started having i tiny amount of brown discharge, not enough to go onto underwear...sorry tmi. its lasted 3 days and barely there. im just wondering if this sounds like inplantation bleeding? it started 3-4 days before af? did anybody else have this?


  • i did, exactly as youve described, with my son but i didnt realise until a 10wk scan revealed i was 14wks, fingers crossed for you xxx
  • Had implantation bleed with my daughter, lasted a day, thought it was start of AF.
  • ohhhh I didnt get implantation bleed but just wanted to say that from what I have read that does sound quite promising image

    Best of luck xx

  • Every pg different as I didn't have one with my son or pg after that.

    Fingers crossed for you harrisonsmummy (sorry forgot your name).

    Pauline x

  • Becs have everything crossed for you that its good news x x
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