Guess what.....

Well, we had the scan today and it was just amazing.  My OH and I have been wandering around in a dazed state of shock for most of the day - not quite sure what we were both expecting to see, but when the MW slapped the scanning device on my tummy and immediately we saw a real baby in there, we both were struck dumb!

 It's a real little wriggler too, it kept waving its arms about and twisting around every time the MW poked it, as if to say  "Get off, some people are trying to sleep in here!".  My OH has decided that it obviously takes after me as apparently I do that in the morning too....

So feeling much happier now, I think I might be able to relax and start enjoying my pregnancy now.  Phew!

 Hope you all had good Christmasses, I haven't been around for most of the last week as there's been so much on so I will have lots of catching up to do x



  • Thats great new's hun,glad you feel much better for it and can look forward to the rest of your pregnancy,you'll have to post a pic if you can.

    Have you started on the baby names yet.

  • oh wow cat thats lovely!! its nice now you can start to relax and enjoy...and shop lol!!

    lovely ticker xxx

  • Thanks for sharing my ridiculous excitement!

    Oh yes, we've started on names and more or less decided on the main ones we like depending on boy or girl.  I don't want to find out the sex as I think there should be some surprises in life!  Besides, the office will be able to have a good sweepstake if I don't know.....

    As soon as I remember how to do anything I'll get a scan pic added into the ticker.

  • i found out with jack then didnt with lola, and we desperatly wanted a girl, it took days to sink in and alot of tears were shed when we were told it was a beautiful experience, but also wouldnt change finding out with jacks as he was ill i felt i already knew him, if that makes sense!!!

    and its most certainly not ridiculous, its very exciting imageimage

  • Glad to hear it went well,Cat.Makes it all so real when you actually see the baby in there.We found out the sex of all of ours cos I'm too impatient.With Bridie I managed till 36 weeks,but had to have an extra scan and couldn't wait any longer.With Erin,I was sure she was a boy and it was a shock she wasn't.We're going to find out Seven's colour on January 9th,if he/she's showing.
    I find the scan the most exciting bits of the checkups and stuff,like Laura says it's not ridiculous,it is exciting.Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.Hope you can relax a bit more with it now.Won't be long before you start feeling movements.Seven's started making himself felt lately.
  • I am very excited now, and so is my OH, but we are both now scared thinking - "Oh my god, what do we need to do?"  Loads of things to sort out, stuff to get rid of, space to make, things to buy, debts to pay off...

    One decision I have made that my OH is grumbling about (but going along with anyway as he's a good sort really) is that while the sales are on I am going to buy a new mattress for our bed.  The one I have is over 12 years old and really lumpy now and starting to sag a bit.  I thought that I am only going to get more uncomfortable now as I get bigger and heavier and less able to turn at night, so a new mattress would  help me get better sleep before the birth, and maybe make night-time feeds a bit easier if I can BF.

    Do you think this is sensible?  I have seen Argos have them for 1/2 price so I could pick up a real bargain.  Or am I just being silly and spending money on me when it could go to baby things?

  • DEFFINATLY NOT!!! i brought a new divan bed and matress hen pg with lola about 12wks best buy ever!!!! also in sale and its made all the difference as its sooo comfy i fall asleep v quickly and little madam gets more use out it than her own anyways! and in the last month of pregnancy alot bigger than with jacks i slept better would also recomend the £7 'v' pillow in argos best one ive got and i brought a stupid expensive one from nct! really helps when huge and the bf!
  • I was thinking about the pillows - is the NCT one the curvy one that goes round your whole body from neck to knees?  I thought that looked really sensible, but if there's a cheaper better option available I'm happy to give it a go!

    My bro is in a wheelchair so has always had the V shaped pillow for bed so he can sit up.  They are really comfy aren't they?  It hadn't occurred to me that it would be good for pg & bf, I'll have to get one.

    I showed your post to my OH and he has completely given in now!  Bless him, he is doing a car boot sale on Wednesday (which he hates doing) to raise funds for it.  I'm a very lucky woman image

  • i cant remeber the name of my nct one its like a smooshie beanbag good for bf but useless for being pg which it is advertised for, the £7 argos one is really long and comes with pillowcase v handy with a baby who like spitting breastmilk all over me at the end of a feed, bless her! couldnt have been without it when pg as it went between my knees under my bump and right up to near my shoulder brilliant for getting comfy!

    The bed will make a differnce trust me, your very lucky!! we also upgraded to a superking, good job as jack and lola like joining us occassionally!image

  • We didn't change the bed itself cos it's as big as will fit in our room.We got a pretty expensive orthpaedic mattress which really helps with bachaches/general aches and pains.Me being paranoid I keep a waterproof cover on after spending all that money,sods law says your waters'll break all over it.Well they didn't with me but I'm not one for taking chances.I didn't have any special pillows,maybe I'll treat myself this time
  • Jo, that's exactly what my OH said!  "What's the point of getting a new mattress if it's just going to get all messed up...."

    But he has given in very graciously on this now.  I do have to give him credit!  We won't get a new bed as to be honest the base is solid, so any new mattress will be an improvement.  

    Laura I've just checked the V one on Argos and the first 2 reviews are from PG women saying how great it is!  Definite must-buy, seems really good value when I think of all the use my bro and mum had out of the one at their house over the years.

    I have been eating like a complete pig over Christmas. Must get back to my healthy meals tomorrow, have made myself a lovely chickpea and feta cheese salad thing with fresh veg in - sounds a bit grim maybe to meat-eaters, but just my cup of tea right now.  Actually there are a few gaps in my belly might have to sneak to the kitchen while the OH is in bed....

  • i dunno sounds pretty apetising to me... ive been really naughty and polished off my big box of chocs andrew got me! they were too tempting!

    cant recomend the pillow enough, its fantastic for the price, mines now a little flat after 2 babies for using as bf support but i just fold it in half and it does the job nicely, mothercare also does a good rounded 'v' pillow for £20 which is good but only for bf as its a fat pillow and short great for round your lap andrew treated me after a bad back feeding, i love my pillows lol!

    as for waters breaking my mum had a brand new bed when pg with me then my little sister and used a mattress protector its not plastic its weird water repelant fabric like a padded fitted sheet. also great if you have a naked runner, my son, he leaps outa the bath and legs it alays ends up peeing somewhere, thank god mum had left her protector on! lol whoops image

  • ahhh how exciting, im so pleased it all went well for you, i rememeber that feeling of nervousness before a scan (and a full bladder) then that relief and joy when you see a baby in there and you then know you arent imagining it all.

    hope you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

    kas xx

  • Cat your picture is so clear, i cant get over how good it is. Hollies 12 week scan made her look like a sack of spuds.

    I'm pleased to hear you are able to relax a little bit now after seeing the baby, it makes it all sink in doesnt it. I am dreading my first scan, i am still terrified that they will laugh at me and tell me that i lied and i am just getting fat not pregnant lol. I remember feeling like this with Hollie though.

    I think you are being quite sensible buying a mattress now, you need to do everything you can to get a good nights sleep before the baby is born. And chances are you will be so busy and will have less money to go and buy one once the baby arrives so it is a good idea doing it now. I didn have a v pillow when feeding Hollie but am defiantely investing in one this time as they do seem to help. xx

  • Cat I am soo pleased for you and love the new ticker!

    A good matress is a sensible buy even when you are not pregnant I would say as everyone needs a  good nights sleep. I bought a new and its the best thing I ever bought - I got one of the memory foam ones and would recomend them to everyone. Well worth the money!

  • Thank you everyone for being excited for me and for the support on the mattress - I now have absolutely no more objections from the OH, so you have performed a miracle!

    I am going to get him to come and try out mattresses this week with me.  I was thinking about trying the memory foam ones, our neighbours have got one and swear by it.  Other than that just having one that stays flat will be a big improvement!

    I know the scan is really clear - in fact we could see so much more on the screen, even the tiny heart beating away like fury and the umbilicus pulsing.  We even saw the wee belly, looking a lot emptier than mine has been over Christmas!  I have definitely relaxed and so has the OH - we only woke up at 11:30 today so I think we were both in need of a good sleep.

    Feeling a bit less dazed than yesterday now, I just can't believe how much it affected me.  It really is a magical thing, so glad all seemed OK.

    The other lovely thing is that the blood tests were taken in the maternity unit in Stroud where I hope to have the baby if all is well, so I got to meet some more of the MW's, really lovely practical people who put my mind at rest loads.  My OH is feeling a lot happier now he's met them too.  Hurrah!

  • Cat, have just posted in the lounge but I wanted to add to your post here. So glad that all is well for you and that you can now get excited, the scan picture is fab! New matress and car boot sale sound like two very good ideas. I shall be working out how to see on ebay in the New Year as sooo much to get rid of!

    Take Care

    Pauline x

  • Wow Cat your scan pic is sooo clear image

    with regards to the mattress - we have a silent night one which is just lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyy but my MIL has that mammory foam one which she swears by image good luck with your boots sale image

  • Pauline and Sarah - my OH won't let me come to the boot sale, he says it's too cold and I should be getting lots of rest, so I get to stay at home while he's out in the freezing morning!  I think I must have done something right along the way to get treated so royally...

    I had a text from my mum today around 1 pm just saying hello - I suddenly realised that I had completely forgotten to call her after the scan yesterday!  I was just so away with the fairies yesterday afternoon, so I had a very long chat with her today trying to make up for it.  Oops.  I think I've been forgiven though...

    And in great news my OH doesn't have to go back to Ireland until Monday 5th now - originally he was supposed to be there on Friday which meant we wouldn't have the weekend together.  Double hurrah! image

  • Awww you have done something right Cat - my OH is rubbish at the dont you move thing LOL my dad tells him off lol

    Oh hope you have a lovely weekend image what does your OH do for a living?

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