F.A.O. SarahB


I havent been on much over christmas so just wanted to see how you are feeling? When is your mw appointment, you did tell me but i forgot lol.

I have already started to sprout a bump much to Ians amazement, it seems to be sinking in so much now that we are actually going to have another baby. My morning sickness disappeared over christmas only because i was full of cold though, but now that has cleared it is back again. Other than that i feel fine, i have no tiredness at all except that i am going to bed about 9.30pm but Hollie is teething so i have to grab sleep when i can at the moment.

Did you have a good christmas? We did, Ian only had xmas day off so it was nice to spend time just the three of us. Hollie got very excited when she woke up and spotted her presents under the tree. She had a battery operated sit on fire engine that she saw us buy. She recognised the shape and sat on it whilst it was still wrapped. She hasnt been off it since, she spents all day on it, but at least it shows it was a good buy. We went down my parents on boxing day whilst Ian was on work, that was nice too as i caught up with my sisters. And then shopping on saturday with my sister and then my parents and 2 sisters came up on sunday for dinner. So finally glad to get back to normal and have some peace.

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