Chicken Pox

well a holiday couldnt go past without the little man getting ill!

he woke up yesterday with chicken pox.

any home remedies would be really appriciated

ive got a sock fill of porridge oats in the bath, calamine lotion on spots, ibruprofen to take down temp and piriton to stop the itch.


  • Hi ems,

    sorry to hear your littke mans poorly, so far weve been lucky enough to avoid the pox but my sister had it a while back and it sounds like youve got it all covered! My sister got it awfull though and had bad ones in her mouth docs just said let her eat little and often soups soft stuff, but she just lived off milk for a few days, wishing him a speedy recovery xx

  • thanks laura, he's been off his food but is eating yogurts so thats something.  im pregnant at the moment as well (and have never had chicken pox) so im starting to worry a bit.

  • i was pregnant with jack when my sister got them, and i lived with her, obviously yoou cant avoid contact but i made sure no kissing etc and was ok, anyays once the scabs are out its not contagious and most people dont know they have pox until then! id check with your midwife though!
  • Hi Ems

    Sorry to hear your little one's got the pox. My little boy Cameron's got them at the mo too, although you'd be lucky if he's got 30 spots over his whole body. His appetite's still not back to normal and he seems to be living on yogurts, dairylea dunkers and banana!! Luckily the spots don't seem to be bothering him at all, and now they've started to crust over he's getting back to his old cheeky self!!

    Hope your lo's feeling better soon x

  • Thanks Mel, he's over the worst now!!

  • Hi Ems,bless him poor mite,mind you beter now than later.

    Like already said your doing all you can for him and thats best,with regards to being pregnant i think its on pregnancy time frames,in the first 3mths and last few mths,not quite sure,but like mel said caroline had to deal with them not long ago.

    Dawn glad to hear cameron is doing well.

  • thanks eveyone,

    coby does nothing by half i cant beleive how bad the sores are, he's running around in the buff so he's happy and daddy is off getting more calamine and a sweetie  image the last thing we need in the house after xmas!!

    i read on the net that if caught before 28 weeks it can cause growth defects but im i imagine that is the very worst case

  • Sure you'll be fine. I found using calomine cream stayed on longer than the bottled stuff,as its much thinner these days,the cream lasts longer to.
  • got jab yesterday to see if i am producing antibodies but wont get results back untill Thursday

    so by the time we find out it is to late for the vaccine but will need it anyway if i dont have antibodies but could still have chicken pox!!

    Does that all make sense

    and to top it al off the doc wouldnt even look at cobys spots wouldnt have taken him two seconds to say yes its chicken pox but dont worry its fine!!!! arggggggg image


  • God some people can be stupid at times,as your worried im sure he should have made sure for you. Hope the results come back good for you. I understand what you mean that you may still have the pox as you can be a carrier,but still not good as you can pass it on.

    Well heres hoping that all is well and your ok through this and that coby's doing ok.

  • Hope all ok for you Ems.
    Pauline x
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