bambino mio real nappies

Ive just ordered a trial pack of real nappies and was wondering if anyone else was thinking of using them?

i used disposable with Coby so thought I'd see what real nappies are like

they are just so cute too  image

 emma xx



  • Hi Emma

     Spooky - I've just come off the the nappy lady website - I put in my details and they came up with suggestions for what I would work best with.

    I have to say, it's all a bit more impressive than the square terry nappies I remember using on my oldest niece!  I will definitely be going ahead with "real" nappies, but as the bump isn't due to make an appearance until July, I may not be much help to you just yet.

    However I'm going to visit my friend on Thursday who has a 5-yr old and a 6-month old.  She used real nappies for the first, and is using the same ones for the second, so obviously she's convinced.  I was going to ask for a demo and to see if I can change Jude's nappy if he's awake when I'm there!  I do know from her and other friends who used them that the washing, drying etc was not any more of a hassle than getting rid of disposables really, and have heard comments from them that their kids had less nappy rash.

    The other thing I heard is that some local authorities offer support if you're using reusable nappies, it might be worth contacting your local waste department?

    Let me know how you get on, I would be really interested!

  • hiya, my friend trialled abotu 20 different real nappies fro a magazine, and the ones that seemed to be the best were a nappy called bum genius.  they are literally  sa close to a disposable as you can get, and are less bulky too. you dont need a wrap either, it all comes as one.

    its worth looking inot them. if i have another, i will be buying them.

    hope this helps xx

  • I use Tots Bots Bamboozles which are fab! However they are bulky under clothes. They do a newer version which are less bulky.

  • I'm planning on using Mothercare Smart nappies.  Any advice on these?  Have just won an unused load on Ebay for a tenner!  Is it worth taking disposables into the hospital with me and waiting a few days before trying out the real ones?
  • i would def take disposables with you, i used reals (for a while), but def wait for those first poos to pass before starting real nappies.
  • Yes, use diaposables for the first few days! Otherwise you will be stuck with yucky nappies in hospital.

    I used disposables whilst the pooh is runny and whilst we got into a routine. Now i have intergrated washables and everything is fine!!

  • Yeah that's what I thought!  Thanks for the advice!
  • handy tip  image

     thank u

  • Very good tip - they do some really nice bamboo based ones don't they?  Might have to investigate....
  • oh the nappy came today! it is lovely, the cover velcro is really strong, its nice and fitted around the legs but is stretchy to. the nappy is nice and thick but its not too bulky seems really good. i seen some good deals on ebay so off to check them out!

    going to ask williams cousin if i can try it out on her little boy just got to wait until we are chicken pox free


     Emma xxx

  • Ems, I don't know if it will help but I found my local council have a diary of a mum trialling all sorts of different brands: nappy diaries

    Let us know how the trials go!

  • And another useful site I found on my local council - I don't know where you live, maybe yours do a similar scheme?  The nappy loan packs for 1 month seem to be ideal to try different types!

    nappies in glos

  •  i live in the far north of scotland cat so there is not many schemes close by there is one real nappy scheme running but they are alot closer to the old terry nappies.

    funny story though took the nappy to show mum and dad last night and you know dads always thinking they are smart i handed it to him and said you cant say you dont know how to put that on so he turned it inside out and handed it back!! if he thinks that will get him out of nappy duty he's wrong haha  image

     emma xx

  • It may also be worth keeping an eye out on the net as our local council run a week where they give £50.00 vouchers to mums to use on real nappies. There are conditions though, like the age of the baby has to be under 18months and things but we missed out on it last time they run it because Hollie hadnt been born.

    We are using reusables with Hollie too, but we have chosen the old fashioned terry squares and plastic pants. And i have to say they are great as they are thin enough to dry within a couple of hours on the radiator. And the other plus i have been thinking about is that we can use the same ones for Hollie and the new baby, by using a different folding technique. So we dont have to buy different sizes, we just need to build up a supply big enough for two babies.

    I have seen those smart nappies though, are they the ones which can also be thrown away and used as disposables.

    With regard to the bulkiness, i just tend to put Hollie into a bigger size trousers than she needs to compensate for the nappy. And the other great thing with a girl is she used to wear skirts a lot which fit well over nappies.

    Lol at your dad, Ian hasnt changed Hollies nappy since she has been in reusables he says he doesnt know how to fold them. I folded one at the weekend and left him bath Hollie, he only had to fit it on her and put the nippa on. It ended up so baggy on her that her wee would have just poured down her legs, so i had to do it. He will have to learn by the time the next one arrives though lol.

  • That's a shame Ems.  I know I'm very lucky with my local council.

    Karen - I have a feeling my OH will be the same, my sister's kids (all 3) all had ordinary terry squares and overpants, which I was a dab hand at changing since the first one was born when I was 9, so it holds no worries for me.  However my OH has just no idea at all, in fact he said when I asked him if he was up for it "yes, but I don't know how you're going to manage boiling them all on the stove".  What???  So this is why I'm looking for simpler ones for him to be able to use!

    There are all sorts of different types, but I think the best are shaped ones that you use a waterproof wrap over - that way they dry a bit quicker than the all-in-one sort.  I've been on my local freecycle group today and looking at the number of used (but presumably clean!) nappies that have been offered and taken already this week, I may be able to get quite a variety to try without much initial outlay.

    Really not feeling well, just couldn't sleep last night and eventually nodded off at 4, I have to get up at 6:30 for work and for some reason the lack of sleep has given me horrible nausea today, I got up and was just so dizzy, really reeling all over the place with black dots in front of my eyes; I let the dog out and had to go back to bed.  I've slept the morning through and am feeling better now, but really couldn't have gone to work.  Thought I was past the morning sickness stage, obviously not!! image

  • personaly i don't like them, there's much better nappys out there. i like twp part nappys, bamboo ones are the best type imo, and i also like the mother ease wraps the best... if you need any info or help gis a shout, i've tried all kinds x

  • Cat that made me laugh about your  OH asking how you were going to boil them. Ian was under the impression that the machine would be on all day every day with the nappies. But i stick them in with other whites that are pretty mucky and only usually need to wash them ever other day.
  • me with two kids it's only 1 full wash every other day or 3 days if i'm behind, it's not even any extra work tbh.... if u like i have some little lambs nappys size 1, i can send u one so u can see what a two parts like?
  • Kirsty is there a good site that i can have a look at the bamboo nappies and motherease wraps?

    cheers xx

  • Ems I don't know if you found this site but it seems to have better pictures and descriptions than the nappy lady Babykind Bamboozles is a link to the Tots Bots bamboo ones that Caroline recommended, but they have all sorts on there, including the motherease wrap.

    I do realise I am getting pretty obsessive about this, there's no need to tell me!

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