Had scan yesterday

Had my 22 week scan yesterday.First off,good news Seven is a boy.
Not sure what to make of the rest.Apparently the umbilical cord is supposed to have two vessels bringing the baby what he needs.Seven has one.They said it could be a sign of circulatory problems,probably not cos the heart looks fine.Could also be a chromosonal abnormality,but also could be normal.Also might cause growth problems,but Seven is ATM at the normal size for his age.Besides that,there are two pockets of fluid on the brain,which is normal.One is at the top end of normal,8 on a scale of 1-9.Again they say could be normal,could be chromosonal abnormality.Have to go back in 6 weeks,check there's no more fluid and he's still growing,then again 4 weeks later.
Don't know if I should be worried,trying not to think what if,but probably they're being over cautious.Of course they're pushing for the amnio again,but there's no way.I'm thinking positive though,and trying to stay off the medical sites,but I know I'll be on there by the end of the day.Having had both scans say maybe okay but maybe something wrong does make me worry.
Oh and the MIL witch is stirring again,which I found out yesterday.It's just little digs,constantly,to my SIL,who is actually a good friend of mine so tells me what she's doing.To my face however it all nice.And while she's busy bitching and hoping that we don't have any more(how dare she even have an opinion when she doesn't give a monkeys about them!)I'll be busy finding out if this one's going to be okay.
Sorry,worried,angry,confused.Think nice cuppa and some chocolate's called for.


  • oh jo, please try not to worry. both my babies were classed as inter uterine growth retarded jack is petite so ill slightly agree with them there but lola was healthy weight eating lots growing fast, so they do make mistakes, lets just hope they are being over cautious!

    fantastic news on being a little boy, i see a pattern forming, boy girl girl boy girl girl boy. lol i wonder what no.8 would be?

    sorry to hear your mil is being like that, people need to learn to keep there opinions to themselves! especially if they dont play an active role in the lives of your children already! whats she worried about, the effort of writing an extra name in a card at christmas, or will it be too much for her remembering all the names? my grandad told me one was enough or he wouldnt buy for them at christmas! oh im sure theyll notice a draft!

    Really hope you can avoid the medical sites and enjoy your cuppa and some chocolate, take care xxx

  • H jo, congrats on fnding out you are having a boy.

    im sorry the scan was an unsettling one for you. its good they are going to keep an eye on you. keep us posted and its great you are sounding so positive.

    good luck xx

  • Hi, congratulations on finding out its a boy!! Thats lovely. Sorry that the scan worried you, as kas said its good they'll be keeping an eye on you. Take care and enjoy your choc and cuppa x x
  • hey jo, sorry to hear they've worried you at your scan.. as you said, half the time they get it wrong anyway - will probably turn out to be a very healthy girl! chocolate and a cuppa are always a good solution and hope they've made you feel a bit calmer. i would try and avoid the medical sites, especially if you're not keen on an amnio, as it's not going to help - you'll end up driving yourself nuts over the next few months. you've already had 6 lovely healthy babies, the chances are on your side that seven will be just fine too, especially as growing well so far. hope the scan in 6 weeks is more positive.

    as for your MIL, am sure your not bothered what she thinks. if people can't say things to your face they shouldn't say them at all.

  • Hi Jo

    Great news that you found out the sex, now you can start thinking about names. Not so good that the scan worried you, but like the others have said they'll be keeping a close eye on you now so fingers crossed everything's ok!!

    I've got a sil like your mil, she very rarely sees Cameron but is always full of advice or offering her opinion!! I now do the exact opposite of anything she says(within reason!!), it might be childish but it sure as hell cheers me up image

    Hope you enjoyed your cuppa and choccy xx

  • Hi Jo,many congrats on a boy.Like the girls have already said im sure they are just being over causious and covering every possible thing they can without the amnio,of which i also agree with you on,like mel says he will be loved no matter what.

    As for you MIL,dont worry about her she dont no what she's missing if she has an attitude like that.

  • Hi Jo,
    Congrats a little boy, that is fab. Like the others have asked do you have a name picked out yet? As someone else said you sound like a very strong and brave woman, you are doing right to remain positive. I hope all turns out well for you and number 7. Please keep us posted.
    Tell your mother in law to sod off! You don't need anything else on your plate at the moment.
    Take Care
    Pauline x
  • Hi Jo

    Sorry I don't have anything constructive to add, but didn't want to just read and leave!  I hope that you manage to stay as stress-free as possible, and if it's any consolation I am with you on not wanting an amnio for any reason, can completely understand.

    I'm sure it will all be fine, I was supposed to be spina bifida, which I have yet to notice 36 years on!

     Hope the tea and treat helped x

  • Thankyou for the supportive messages.I'm sure I worry about nothing.I've read and reread the notes,nothing says there definately is something wrong so we'll stick to that for now.As for the unhelpful non positive gossip,I'm past caring.
    We told the children about Seven.They want to look at the scan pictures over and over ,Arthur in particular.He's going to teach Seven all about Dr Who apparently,which speaks volumes in Arthur's world.Harry wants to know why we waited so long to tell them.Nobody's asked anything embarassing yet,but I've just been on Amazon and bought a book tackling that very subject.I also bought Sheila Kitzingers over 35 book,since I'm an old Mum now,must be prepared.
    I nearly bought the first teddy but so far am managing to control myself.
  • Glad the kids are behaving and not running you down with to many questions.

    There was a book found at one of the groups i went to,it was to teach pre-school kids about sex and conseption,in cartoon drawing but graphic non the less,some of the mums went mad and we had a massive debate about schools teaching kids sex ed at ages of 10yrs.

    Sure they will ask that question in time.Are you hoping for a home birth or hospital,cant remember if you said.

  • Jo - glad all the kids are so pleased with the news!  With their enthusiasm being so infectious I'm sure your worries will recede a bit.

    And on a selfish note - let me know what the over-35 book is like when you've got to grips with it please?  I'm still ploughing through all the suggestions now....

  • Kids are being pretty good.They've asked to see the belly,but I'm still a bit self concious.I can remember Harry being amazed by Arwen's dancing in the womb when I was pregnant with her.
    I'm not allowed a home birth this time Emma.The mw says I'm at risk of haemorrage because this is number 7.From my point of view I'm worried it could all go wrong,the same as when Matilda was born.There's more room for them to move when you've had a few,and she used to turn everyday.She got stuck in an awkward position and couldn't turn back in time,and then she had her cord round her neck too.We ended up rushed to hospital in an emergency,in an ambulance.At least if any of that happens again,which it could quite likely for the same reasons,I want to be in the right place to start with.Just hope I get there on time,I'm usually quite quick once it starts.
    I got a lot of used books,Cat,I'll let you know what that book's like.I'm dying to know what little joys to expect.This time last year I was still pregnant with Matilda,I just wasn't statistically old.
  • LOL Jo - I am 36 in just over 3 months, so have just about got used to the idea of being an "old" first-time mum!

    My OH has insisted on the Downs blood test screening despite the fact I explained it only gives a risk factor, so as I wasn't prepared to have either an amnio or a termination, all that would happen is we'd know if it was likely, and I'd just be massively stressed.  A bit nervous about the MW appt for that reason!

    I think that you probably know a bit too much about pregnancy and birth now after all your experience, so of course you'll be concerned about the risks.   But I'm sure it will all be fine, I was my mum's 6th carried to term pg when she was 42  - as I said I was supposed to have spina bifida and there were no real problems at all apart from mum having a horrendous bad back (I still get blamed for that!).

  • oh yeh,back and pelvic pain.You wouldn't believe the sciatica that kicked in this week.Partly my fault cos I made it worse up and down off a chair getting decs down,I got stuck on the floor twice Tuesday trying to get up.Trying not to think what could go wrong.It'll probably all be straightforward.
    We had the blood test screening,it does just give you a risk factor.I don't mind needles in me,they can do what they like,it's just when they interfere with baby I draw the line.I sometimes wonder if the ignorant bliss of not knowing would be better,and if next time I'd refuse all tests.I think no news is good news with the blood tests,so I'm assuming mine were fine,since they were taken over 6 weeks ago.I'd rather know what I do going into labour.I can remember being scared making it so much worse.And being able to make a more informed decision about what's going on.Oh and right before baby's born that panicky feeling is also completely normal.
    Anyway can't wait for my books to arrive,I'm starting to get excited about it all now.
  • i think you might have the right idea refusing the tests Jo! i did think about refusing the nuchal as i wasn't prepared to have an amnio, but didn't in the end. even if you get a low risk, which i did, it still doesn't mean i'm definitely not going to have downs baby.

    what would your oh do if you are high risk Cat? is it just that he wants to prepare himself?

  • Hi Jo, congratulations on finding out about having a little boy image Are you going to let the kids chose a name?

    Also back to the scan, sorry to hear they've worried you slightly, i'm sure everything will be fine and there just airing on the side of caution, and at least they will be keeping a extra eye on you x

  • Hi Lucy - not good news on his opinions I'm afraid, we have completely different ideas.  My view is a baby is a baby is a baby, and you love it anyway.  But then I have a (foster) brother with spina bifida, hydrocephalus and mild autism, and all I can see is that we gained massively as a family by having him in it.

    So you can probably guess what my OH wants to do if it's high risk!  Not that there is anything wrong with making that choice, but I just know I couldn't do it.  So hmmmm.  Hence the nerves while I'm waiting for the test results.

    Mind you, we had that conversation before the scan, and I have no wish to revisit it unless necessary.  It's entirely possible now he's seen it is a baby with all appendages (!) and he's told all his strict catholic family the baby is coming that his view has changed a bit!  I'm just having to wait....

    Jo have you even done yoga in pregnancy?  Some friends who have said it helped with the nerves going into labour as it gave them something else to focus on.  Of course I will freely admit I know nothing myself!!

  • Shawn has said a few times that if the baby was high risk he would want to find out if it was definite or not, and he didn't think we could cope with a special needs baby.. I don't think anyone goes into pregnancy expecting to have baby with special needs, but you just cope because you have to and then that baby becomes part of every day family life..

    i've tried to tell him that just cos i'm low risk doesn't mean it's a definite, but  don't think he gets it! i know once he has the baby in his arms, however healthy or not, he will go into dad mode and be okay.

    sounds like your oh may have problems with his 'strict catholic family' anyway, so you probably have nothing to worry about! besides, if there's no way you could go through with it, it shouldn't be a question. fingers crossed your test results are okay and you don't have to go there.

    i've wondered about yoga in pregnancy too - although when i did a course with a friend a few years ago we were hopeless and always got the giggles!

    you have spurred me on into sorting out some stuff today - i have gone through all of ben's old baby clothes and put them into age order, and sorted out all his old bedding and towels etc.. have bought a huge box of non-biological washing powder - just have to start the washing machine at some point now!! can't believe my little man was ever so small - it's crazy how fast they grow up! also got the first few things for when the baby comes - disposable pants, sanitary towels and breast pads - very glamorous!!

  • Sounds like the nesting thing is well and truly kicking in ,Lucy.
    I've never done yoga.I just know I'd get the giggles.I went to one karate class once and I had to leave cos I was giggling too much.I know it's childish,but I just know it'd happen.
    I'm of the opinion that a baby is a baby no matter what.You'll just adapt your life to deal with whatever they need.I do worry how I'd cope if we did have a seriously ill baby,since Arwen will be 2 years,9 months,and Matilda will be 14 months,so we're going to have a handful anyway.Both my boys have ASD,it's possible Seven will too,but it's something we just learnt to deal with.We find ways to suit us,in fact in a way I enjoy their odd little ways(well some of them)I'm sure if there was something more serious we'd deal with that too.
    Hope your tests are all clear Cat,but it is only a probability thing.Maybe we just know too much.Not so long ago these tests weren't available and women just had babies
  • hi missed this post dont no how but congrts on having a boy
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