hi Girls

Haven't been on for a while so thought I would update you to my progress!

Had a few stabbing pains last week just under my boobs and my bump is looking huge so took myself off to the hospital, after lots of test and another scan they reckon there is too much water around Poppy (polyhydramnios), which is ok but could indicate diabetes, which they have thought I might have on several occassions.

So this morning I am off to the hospital again for the glucose drink  (have been fasting since midnight and I am starving!)to see how my body processes it, yuky poo! Then back on Wednesday for the results.

In a nut shell Poppy could be a big baby (Jared was 9lbs) and they may induce me around 38 weeks to make sure, so at least we meet her early! 

How are you girls anyway?



  • Hi Sarah!!

    I was the same with Bronwyn, had 25% more water than average and was carrying a big baby - 11lb 12.5oz. I had numerous glucose tolerance tests. All were negative.

    Don;t count on being induced early, my consultant knew that both babies were big but i was allowed to go until i went into labour naturally with Bronwyn and then elected for a section after being told she was 12lb 10!!!! With Leighton i had to have a section, but they only planned it for 3 days before my due date!!

    Good Luck with the test!

  • hi hope all is well and the test come bac neg how was xmas for you did  your kiddys have a good time


  • Had the drink , wasn't too bad but was warm image.The bloods came back clear so haven't diabetes so relieved.

    Back on Wednesday to discuss the largerness of Poppy, I would prefer to be induced rather than a C section as I have had 5 natural births so far.

    Gosh your babies were big Caroline, lets hope I can persuade my consultant if Poppy grows too big, My brother Jack was 11lbs, could be a trend here!image

    Christmas was good, thanks Jade, glad its all over though, so much fuss bar humbug!! Easter next, arhhhhhhhhhh!xxxxxx

  • Hi Sarah, glad the test came back clear. Hope all progress' well for you and Poppy. x
    Pauline x
  • Hi Sarah,

    Good to hear the test came back negative, hope you can manage to persuade the consultant so you have the birth you want. 

    Fingers crossed your appointment goes well on wednesday. xx

  • Hi Sarah glad to hear your tests came bac clear and hope they are able to give you a clear indicatio on how big babe is.all the best.x
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