32 days to go!

Hi Girls,

Havent been on for ages, hope you are all well.

I have 32 days to go........wooooooohoooooooooo!!!!!image

Cant wait, have another scan in a weeks time to check the size of Poppy, if she looks to be a 10lber at birth they are thinking of inducing me at 38week, so thats even less time to wait!

Have a great weekend, love Sarah.xx


  • Hi S-jay,
    How are you feeling.
    It feels like your pg has gone quickly, has it? Not long to go!
    Pauline x
  • omg that has gone so quickly feels like yesterday you found out you were having a girl
  • Good luck, that time will fly so get some rest and enjoy some peaceful nights lol! x
  • Hi Girls

    At the midwife appointment yesterday she reckons I will go early and not make my 38 week appointment!

    I am always late though, but who knows, hope your all keeping well.xxxxxxxx

  • oh wow S-J image thats hardly anytime at all - how exciting image

    have you got any names sorted?

  • Its now 25 days left I think!

    We are going to call her Poppy May, have had it confirmed she is a girly on so many scans now, chuffed to bits!

    The midwife reckons I will go early too and wont make the 38 week appointment, think she is building my hopes up, I am always late!image

  • S-jay are you ready, do you have everything now?
    Not long, very exciting!
    P x
  • How exciting!  I bet you can't wait to meet her image

     Poppy is a lovely name too image

  • Good luck,S-jay hope it all goes well.Not long now
  • Awww Poppy is such a lovely name SJ image

    Are your other kids all excited now image

  • Hi S-Jay

    Hope all is going well for you,all the best for whenever you do go into labour,at least you no they wont let you go over 38wks tho.

    Love the name poppy it seems to popular at the moment.image

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