2nd child

me and my fiance are expecting our 2nd child, its been est due date  is 2nd June. Tho belive will arive sooner. Iv had loads of problems wit midwife not being able to get apointments. And my 1st scan is due 6th march. not happy there. Our 1st born is a son who be 1yr in march. so i will have my hands full. im looking forward to it.

has anyone else got a small gap between there children?


  • Hi,Hannahaw,I'm Jo.Welcome to PP.
    We have 6 kids,and are expecting Seven in May.
    Between 1 &2 we have 17 months,2&3 is 24 months,3&4 is 27 months,4&5 is 23 months,5&6 is 15 months.Between 6 and 7 will be 14 months.Some of our age gaps are average,some small.Whatever it is,you soon get used to it.
    Two in nappies and two who can't walk is hard work.While you are busy I enjoy having the two close together.My youngest two are both girls,and already best friends,it's lovely watching them together.They're actually sharing clothes ATM because they're the same(ish) size.Although the double pushchair is a pain,you soon get used to that too.
    I know I'm probably in for a bit of a shock when Seven arrives but I'm looking forward to it too
  • Hi Hannahaw,
    Have you had a good pregnancy so far, easier or not than your 1st?
    I have two children.
    Take care and all the best for your scan.
    Pauline x
  • hiya hannah,

    sorry to hear you midwifes not been up to scratch.

    Im laura mum to jack 19mnths and lola 3mnths, theres 16mnths between my two, so fairly small gap, some days we think were mad, but i know this time next year they will be good friends and being close will be nice for them, And all the nappies are out of the way quickly lol!

    Best of luck xx

  • Hi Hannah

    Welcome to pp,im Emma mum to Riley 4.

    Sorry to hear you have not had much luck with your appts and a late scan date.

    I only have the one but did have my niece with me from 4wks old till she was 9mths old and riley was only just 2 at the time,i didnt no how i would cope but strangly i seemed to coped better with the 2 than just the 1,still had off days when everything would go tits up but i just stayed home.

    Wishing you all the best of luck with baby no 2. Look forward to chatting soon.


  • Did anyone find that the birth was worse after a short gap? There's about 18 month between my sisters, and my mum said the birth was worse and she had to have a blood transfusion.
  • I found it easier each time until the last two where the gap was 15 months,but I don't think it was the age gap,more the number of previous and a very wriggly baby(She's still that way now),and probably a series of unfortunate events.My eldest two were 16 months apart and number two was very easy compared to the first.I suppose each birth is different,you don't know what'll happen.
  • I want small gaps, but don't want it to be any worse than River's birth, that was absolute hell! I might wimp out next time and go for an epidural straight away lo!
  • my two were sections so i cant comment, never had a contraction! my mum had 17yrs between me and my sister whos 4 and she had to have a blood transfusion after me and then my brother whos 7mnths but he was HUGE 11lb 2oz so theres no suprises there!
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