hello iam a newbie here!

hi everyone

iam new here ,i have never used this site before, my name is dawn and iam 29yrs old

iam expecting my first baby on the 5th of june.

iam getting really excited about it..



  • Hi,Dawn.I'm Jo,I'm 35.We have 6,and we're expecting our 7th on May 15th.
    Welcome to PP.
    Look forward to chatting
  • hiya dawn

    welcome to pp, congratulations on your pregnancy, have you found out the sex?

    Im laura mum to jack 19mnth and lola 3mnths!


  • Hi everyone, I'm new too!

     My name is Debby and I have 2 girls, Melissa is 2.5yrs and Evie is 17mths.  We've just found out No 3 is due in October.

  • Hi,Debby.Welcome to PP.Congratulations on number 3
  • hiya debby

    welcome to pp, congrats on your 3rd baby!! x

  • hey dawn, welocme to pp

    im lindsey aged 26 mum to isabelle 4 and Ayesha 2 and currently 33 weeks preggy 

  • Hi Lindsey, your girls are gorgeous!  Still got to figure out how to get pictures of mine - won't keep still lately! 

    I was starting to think I was the only 26yr old around pregnant with no3, most of my friends are still in the just getting boyfriends moving in stage.


  • hi joe

     thank you for welcoming me.

    the photo's of your children are soo sweet.


  • hi laura

    no i have not found out the sex..

    i want it to be a surprise, even though i have afeeling of what iam having..

    your pics are soo sweet.


  • hi debbie

    thanks for a great welcome.

    your pics or sweet


  • hey Dawn - im new here too! 32 years old and 32 weeks pregnant with my first! (ikkle boy) xxx
  • hi bounty2009

    iam 30 yrs old today and iam 27 weeks pregnant.. with my first.

    don't know what sex though.

  • congratulations blondie8! its so exciting isnt it! very exciting! As I work with Bounty I've been following my stages online, as its my first pregnancy so its all new to me! Here is whats going on at 27 weeks http://www.bounty.com/pregnancy/24-weeks-pregnant.aspx which is where you are! Its so amazing isnt it. Anyway, best of luck to you for the rest of the pregnancy! xxx

  • hi bounty 2009

    thanks i have already signed upto bounty website.

    and it very intresting.

  • great stuff blondie, glad you enjoy it too xxx
  • i didnt find out with my second made it soooo much more exciting! it did take me a month for it to sink in though as shes our last we desperatly wanted a girl but everyone was convinced wed have another boy, best of luck xx
  • hi laura.

    iam glad that your surprise had ahappy ending.

    at the beginning of my pregnancy most of my family thought it was aboy!...

    and they want us to find out what the baby was...

    but the surpries is better,so everything can get a shock...

  • i found out with jj and it was really nice being able to shop and as he was prem and in scbu i think it helped me bond with him, but if i was lucky enough to persuade my other half of a third id deffinatly have a suprise!

    i followed both my pregnancys with the bounty emails, theyre fab and i cant praise bountys hospital photography service highly enough lolas photographer worked so hard and i have two beautiful 'first' photos of my babies!

  • Hey Laura, Im so pleased that you enjoy the bounty stuff too! I have to say the photos of your babies are just stunning too, how cute are they! How are they doing know? Little Lola is just 3 months old? Bless her, she looks like a little princess! xx
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