painful braxton hicks

hi everyone,

ive been having really painful braxton hicks especially when i am walking about,

i never got them with my first pregnancy and wondered should they be painful? i also had some period pain on thursday they came and went for about an hour so i didnt bother telling the midwife will maybe mention it at my next appointment.


  • realy glad someone else feeling this... i just thought it was

    didnt have B/H with maisy went straight from nothing to full labour all over in 6 hours..

    how far on are you?


  • Oh bless ya,hope all goes well and that your mw can put your mind at rest on your nxt visit.
  • im nearly 31 weeks. baby is a boxer to and the movements seem to bring on the braxton hicks

    how far on are you rachel? xxx

  • hi ems

    im 25 weeks but i think my pain is more to do with Poppy moving round. (i hope anyway)

    cant remember this pain when expecting Maisy .....

    good luck hope u feel better

    keep in touch


  • Hi,Ems.I'm 31 weeks.I've been getting painful braxton hixx too.I didn't get them with my first pregnancy,they've increased with each pregnancy.They feel pretty real sometimes,and I get cramps too,like period pains.I also get pressure on the cervix,(sorry TMI).I asked my mw about it,she said it's because the muscles have been stretched they're not the same.Think the worst time is when you're out and about,the school run is not a good time.I've convinced myself I'm in labour several times cos they seem to form a pattern.I've had a lot tonight actually but they do tend to calm down with rest.At least they have tonight.
    I'm seeing my mw tomorrow so I'll have another moan about it.I would definately mention it when you see yours.I know it is common among women who've had lots of babies,don't know when it's your second
  • hi hun, I get really painful braxton hicks. O am sure they have got worse with each pregnancy. If I have to put up with 6 more weeks of this pain I think I will be getting my mum to induce me, she works at the maternity hospital so will get her to rob the drugs! haha not really but truly depressed I have so long to go
  • I'm with you there ,Linz,and I don't have the SPD to deal with.Saw my mw yesterday,and I have an upside down pudding in there too.His butt is where his head is supposed to be,so lets just say it's not to comfy.Could hardly walk from the school to the van today.Apparently aside from the lying with your bum in the air legs at 90 degrees plus for 15 mins every two hours,which of course I'm going to do,and you certainly can't with SPD,an icepack on baby's head might turn him.Can do that sitting with my feet up.The best one I heard was sit on a pair of headphones and crank up the volume.Hmm,worth a try.
    As long as I'm sitting or lying there's no problem,it's just when I stand up it's like gravity kicks in.
    Oh,well not long to go
  • haha headphones never heard that one before! maybe you'll get a kick if the baby wants the song changed


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