Turned away by my local birth centre

I am really unhappy today.

I'm 34 weeks pregmant and haven't had any problems this time around (first two were a nightmare).

I was taking my 4 year old to tumble tots today and got really sharp pains at the front just below my belly button. They were really quite bad so I decided to pop into my local birth center (where my midwife is) and get the baby checked out to make sure nothing is wrong.  

They were really rude and told me that the midwife that I see there is only for routine appointments and they don't want to see me if I have a problem and that I should go to the hospital I'm having my baby at.

The midwife practically shoved me out the door! I was so upset that I stood outside and cried.

Why has the attidude at my local birth centre changed so much? I had my first baby at the nearest big hospital because he had to be born by c section, but I transfered back to my local birth centre after he was born because it is my home town and my family were able to come and visit.  With my second child, I had him at the big hospital but had all the scans, blood tests and check ups at the birth centre, If I had any problems the birth centre were happy to see me. I was also told that I could transfer back to the birth centre if I had a c section again.  That was only 18 months ago. Now though I have been told that I have to stay in the big hospital after my baby is born because the birth center don't have the funding to take transfers any more and today I found out that they wont even listen to my baby's heart beat unless it's a standard checkup!

You are told you have a right to have your baby where you chose but your not told that you will get shunned and turned away from other places because of that.  Birth centres cant do c section deliveries because they have no doctors so it's not my falt I can't have my baby there.  I have a tilted and fixed womb which makes it impossible for me to go into labour by myself and having a natural birth is extremely dangerous for both the baby and me. I had a forceps birth with my second as I was made to feel guilty about having a c section. I had to have an operation after my "natural" birth to put me back together and I have been told that they can't do it again as it caused too much damage. Also my baby's heartbeat kept dropping to 60 every contraction and he nearly died.  I have been told by the consultant that I must have a c section this time as the risk to both myself and my baby is too great.

 What can I do to complain about my local birth centre?

I feel that the care I have recieved this time has been awful and I'm going through this alone. 


  • I am sorry to hear this, sounds like an awful day for you yesterday. I hope the pains have stopped for you now, if not then defo go straight to the hospital.
    I know where I am Surrey you are also sposed to go back to the hosp that you are booked in to, however, that does not give them the right to be so rude to you, especially as you were in pain and worried! I would call the birth centre and ask for the name of the Head of Midwifery there and then write to her, think it's best to put it on paper, then they tend to take it more seriously and have to give you some kind of response. On the phone things can be brushed under the carpet. Hope all is well with you. Take care.
  • now they have told me that I can transfer back to them once I have my baby as the rules changes again this week.  I wish people would make up their minds!image
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