baby now head down

Hi everyone.  I had been really concerned as at my last hospital appointment my baby was in the breech postition.  It is my 4th baby and after having 3 normal deliveries I could have been in for a section, which I really did not want to happen.  Anyway, been to my appointment this morning and now the baby is head down and ready for a normal birth (hopefully).  I am not feeling as nervous as I had been.  I just had to share that with yous.


  • Glad to hear your baby has turned Audrey.Hope he stays that way and it all goes well.

    I'm on my 7th and he's breech,still waiting for him to turn.He's been that way for a month now which is probably not a good sign.All my previous babies have been straightforward.Just want to get on and have him,but they're talking about turning him and inducing him or a section.All new to me.

    Think I'll get the ice packs and loud music tonight,see if that'll shift him.Shame I never learnt to do cartwheels!

  • I actually read in a book to go to the swimming pool and float on my front, so I had been doing that, much to the delight of my other children who got to go to the swimming pool too!  Whether that's what's worked or just a coincidence or not i don't know, but still glad the baby has turned anyway.
  • I think if I got in the water they'd get the harpoons out and shout Whale!!.Still I can see how that'd work.I've heard of the bum in the air with your head on your bed working too.Only you're supposed to do it 15 mins every two hours.I still have  7 weeks left,not time to panic yet.

    Still good news to hear you've had success,maybe the floating does work,might try in the privacy of the bath

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