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Time to Call It A Day

Old Woman's Whinge.
Finally popped,quite literally.After three nights of "the real thing,went to bed around midnight Sunday night.2 hours later,Darren went to bed,soon as he got in something went pop.The waters went ,so we got down the hospital pretty sharpish.Contractions started again around 3 ish.So did the pushing
Bit of a nightmare really.Not impressed with midwife number 1.In between disappearing for long periods of time she insisted that pushing was the only way baby was coming out despite not getting more than 7 cms she insisted I would just push him through what was left.Even tried manipulating the cervix.Oh and not allowed pethidine.Should've tried yelling the rude words that kept popping into my head,but I was trying to be nice.
Anyway,to cut a long story short,shift change,lovely new midwife,lovely Indian girl with blissful epidural,and lovely consultant said DO NOT PUSH whatever you do.Now there's a big panic about rupture and haemorrage,can't remember too much I was too high on the gas and air by that point.Must have signed a consent form they did a section.
What a palava,I only went in to pop a sprog.To think I was worried he'd arrive on the way to hospital.
Stayed in hospital a couple of days,got phlebitis again,had lots of drugs,sent home yesterday,now waiting for test results about another infection.
I think someones trying to tell me something.Maybe 7 is my lucky number


  • blimey jo, what an entrance!!

    hope your doing ok now! what a useless midwife, i bet you were glad of a shift change! take care xxxx

  • flippin heck jo, your one brave lady. Glad your home and "sort of" ok. I think 7 is enough for anyone. Congratulations
  • that sounds awful jo.. think you should put in a complaint about the midwife. think of the other mum's she might do the same to..

    glad you're both okay, i think seven is a pretty good effort..

  • Jo sounds like you had a tough time, glad you and baby are well x
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