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I daren't take pregnancy test.

Hi to you all,

I no this may seem really silly but I am 5 days late, have signs of pregnancy (going to the toilet more, sore breasts, tired and very very emotional) but I daren't do a test.

We have been trying for a baby and so do not want to get my hopes up for it to be negative.

I have a 8 year old daughter who has disabilitys and cannot remember back 8 years ago how i felt etc.

Anyone got any advice


  • Only to do the test hun, and good luck xx
  • Same do the test.

    I was TTC for 4months which was a while for me since i fell insantly with my DD.

    I bought numerous amounts of pregnancy test's because i was late or never had a period. When I bought my final i was anxious but it was made worth the wait when it came up positive
  • I think you go either way - some girls seem to test every day even before they're late but I was scared of testing. In my first preg I was two weeks late before I tested and even then DH had to force me!!

    R x
  • yes, test lol, u will know one way or the other then image

    good luck sounds like ur preggers to me xx
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