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We were going to buy the My Choice travel system from Mothercare however on closer inspection it would absolutely fill our boot and can only be collapsed when its just the frame so seat has to be stored separately. Does anyone know of a travel system which folds easily and can have a car seat just clicked in?? Do not want to spend a small fortune (i.e. no buggaloo or other expensive brands). The My choice was just under ??400 + ??150 for car seat.


  • Hi!

    I think we are going for a mamas and papas switch 2in1. No separate carrycot and all folds down in one xx
  • We're having a pliko pramette from mamas and papas, think it's a similar price to what your looking at. Folds easily, no separate carryout and the car seat just clicks on. What car do you have? Mine is only a suzuki swift but it fits fine in my tiny boot, although I wouldn't get loss of other stuff in there at the same time!
  • Dont get the quinny buzz lol

    It drives me mad having to detatch the seat everytime and I have a skoda octavia which has an absolutely massive boot but in my old car (peugeot 206) it took up the whole space and the carry cot wouldnt even fit in the boot with the frame.

    Thats my advice image
  • Hi Muffin - glad you're at the buying stage! There was a thread no long ago about travel systems and the overall feeling was it was better to not get one and get a seperate convertable car seat that would take you from 0-70lb's, therefore not having to buy an additional seat when baby hits 25lb. Lot's of the ladies didn't like the travel system seat as it becomes heavy once baby get's a little heavier and is hard to lug around so they didn't use them much, also, and this is my reason, they say now it is best not to carry babies in car seats anymore as recent studies have shown it depleats their oxygen levels as they are not in the correct position. So with that in mind I bought seperate car seat and pram which will make me take her out and get her in her pram instead of carrying around the car seat, my back couldn't cope with carrying a car seat from long in any case. Just a thought for you. Glad you're doing well hun. x
  • I have the silvercross surf, the seat is separate to the chassis but the chassis folds up really small and only weighs 7.5kg. there is a separate car seat which clicks on.

    the pram is ??450 although if you go to mothercare they often give discounts and the car seat ??115..

    Im only ever going to have baby in the car seat while in the car or if we are nipping into a shop quickly as apparently its bad for their back and breathing.

    the seat for the pram can be used from birth so no need for a separate carrycot.


  • I had the silvercross 3D and it folds down with the pram mode still attached or if you keep it in pushchair mode you can attach the car seat to it (although saying that I never did always used the pram when dd small). It does fold down quite small too and fit in our seat leon boot no problem.
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