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dealing with severe sickness

Hi, I'm at the start (week 10) of my 3rd pregnancy, and had no sickness with my two girls....I've just spent that last week bedbound with a bucket! Yuck! any tips / advice other than "eat little and often" or "eat plenty of ginger"???

I never realised morning sickness could be this severe, I feel for any of you who've already been through this I really do.


  • Hiya Wendy  - hope your feeling better soon  - it does pass!!! No consolation at the moment though  - one word though .....Ginger Nut Biscuits (well 3 words to be exact!!) i found them really helpful with my morning sickness....hope its of help to you too  - good luck !!!image  

  • thank you....what a God send, amazing what helps really, cucumber does too!!!

    not getting any less sick, just learning to handle it better!!!

  • Marmite was the thing for me.I had to have a marmite sandwich,white bread,absolutely not wrapped in clingfilm cos I could taste that too,and I had to have it every morning at work at 11 0'clock.Couldn't stomach cereal of any kind.

    Digestives were good,even half a digestive is better than nothing.Ginger biscuits were good.The worst time was making the older children's breakfasts and rushing round getting them ready for school,I think the smells of their cereal and toast,getting their lunches,the noise and stress seemed to make it worse.It does pass though,suprisingly you forget all that

    Hope you feel better soon

  • If all else fails, as soon as youre urine becomes darker, or you cannot keep anything down at all, this is a sign of hyperemesis, (check out my post). Good luck. x
  • ended up at docs and getting anti-vomit really bad and didn't keep anything down for 4 days, was so weak my hubby had to escort me into doctors room!!! I am such a foody and nibble all the time, so for me it was a nightmare....I can now eat about half what I call normal but it's hot food thats worst...any cooking smells and I'm gone. Luckily my hubby loves to cook so has taken over kids dinners whilst I have a nap...then I get up and have a sandwich!!!...Thanks everyone for all you help and advice...
  • Hi Sorry to hear about your morning sickness. I'm 14 weeks pregnant and still have very bad sickness and was just wondering when other people's sickness ended as I was crossing my fingers for 12 weeks but it's still going strong. Thanks.
  • Mine was between 18 to 20 weeks,but getting less often,not every day.

    I don't get severe sickness,mines more nausea and severe headaches,but I have trouble balancing blood sugar when I'm not pregnant,so expect mine was more to do with that.

    If you're worried about it,see your midwife or GP.There's a thread somewhere about hyperemesis,when it's really severe.

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