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Inductions - do they always work?


Well now at 41 +8 and have my induction booked for Sunday if nothing happens in the meantime. I haven't had any symptoms, so starting to feel like baby really is this for the long haul! Have a second sweep tomorrow, so you never know. :roll:

But I was wondering if those of you have experienced and induction, is it always successful? Or could they induce you and still nothing happen and I end up with a C-sec due to nothing kicking off?? :?

I had thought it would be quite a quick process when started, but then I read that the tablet things they do can sometimes take 2-3 days to kick labour off image Starting to feel like this pregnancy is NEVER going to end :cry:

Any insight would be really helpful! Thanks

Tizwaz 41+8


  • Hi, I was induced at 37 weeks with my DS due to Preeclampsia, it got 2 having the 3rd tablet and nothing was happening still so I was going to be booked in for a section, however the night before, my body decided to go into labour. So no, they don't always work xx
  • I'm gc here but was induced at 38 weeks for the same reason as Hayulz. It was a long process (4pm on the Monday to 10pm on the Tuesday) but I had a natural delivery in the end. There were several overdue ladies who arrived after me and had their babies before me, so I think it was probably quite slow for me because I was early. However, once you're induced you're more likely to have an assisted delivery or c-sec, although I was lucky and didn't need either.

    Good luck xx
  • I have heard success stories but that wasn't the case with me. I was induced at 41+1 and it took me 30 hours from the first pessary just to get to 8cm. Failure to progress means that I had an emcs. My body just wasn't ready for labour. Good luck! x
  • hey,

    I was induced with my first daughter they tried the pessary stuff and it didnt work. The my waters were broken and still nothing happened, so they gave me iv Syntocinon (i think thats what it was called) to start my contractions.

    Depending on your pregnancy they are always going to find a way to get your baby out, weather its by c-sec or something else. x
  • It doesn't always work but it is likely they will get you into labour somehow whether by pessary, breaking your waters or putting you on a drip.

    I was induced at 41+6 and had my waters broken as I was 2cm dilated when they examined me so they said there was no need for a pessary. Once my waters broke I went into active labour a few hours later but as it didn't progress well they put me on the drip to speed things up. It was a long process and as I had a back to back baby quite difficult. I ended up with an emergency section as baby was in a difficult position and I was exhausted by that point! If you go on a drip don't rule out an epidural as the drip can intensify your contractions.

    It really does vary though! Some women take ages to go into labour and it might take several pessarys but once they are in labour they progress quickly. This was my friends experience.

    Hope it goes well and you may go into labour before still. So many women go into labour the night before an induction! x
  • Thanks for the replies!!

    It seems that it is a much longer process than I was hoping for!!

    I really do hope I go into labour before Sunday am, as I really really would like to have a home birth and being induced will be the polar opposite to this!!

    But then, so long as baby and I are healthy at the end of it, it doesn't really matter.

    Thanks for your help!! image
  • My waters broke early. (33+6) After spending a week in hospital they decided they where going to induce me cause they where afraid of infection. They found out I was already 2-3 cm dialated, so they put me on the drip. 7 hours later my little boy was born.

    I found it went quite quick. I was told it may take days with the pessary and such, but in reality it was so quick. Just go in with an open mind, you might not need the pessary's, they might break your waters straight away, you might not need the drip, so many possibilities.
  • Inductions aren't necessarily long - I had one at 41+6 where, like Bliss my waters were broken as I was already 3cm dilated. My son was born less than 4 hours later so I really was one of the lucky ones! Good luck x
  • I'm booked in for an induction for Monday when I'll be 40+12. I wasn't sure if I'll able to go home after getting the drugs, or if I'll have to stay in, so rang up for some advice.

    The midwife I spoke to reckons if I'm starting the process Monday am, I should be looking at baby being born some time Wednesday with it being my first. There's obviously an element of how long is a piece of string, but I thought it would be quicker than that (few hours), so having a more realistic ideas has been helpful.
  • It is true that they don't always work for but I was a lucky one.

    I was induced at 40 + 12. They examined me found cervix was ready so they broke my waters, that was about 10.30am and I had my baby in my arms at 7.06pm the same day.

    No, it wasn't the natural labour I was after but it was quick and actually enjoyable, spent most of the afternoon listening to the radio and chatting to the midwife then at 5pm was amazed to be told it was time to start pushing - we'd been led to believe it was likely with a first baby we'd be there until the next morning - so you just can't tell.

    Oh, I'd had 3 sweeps between 40 weeks and my induction and it was only the last one that seemed to prompt anything - had a show about 24 hours later and a few twinges but nothing more than that.

    Good luck - hope baby puts in an appearance very soon and it not that you have a positive induction experience. I have heard that you often hear of inductions failing when done early (i.e 37 - 39 weeks) later on I believe they are more likely to succeed as our bodies are more likely to be ready to labour x
  • I was induced 4 times and they tried to break my waters too, all failed. I never entered labour at all and ended up having a CS. I was only 40+5 when bubs was born (induced early for medical reasons) so I just think it was a case of him not being ready to be born. It did feel like my situation was completely alien to them, so I'd try not to worry about it too much xx
  • g/c I was induced at 38 weeks for pre-eclampsia and I gave birth 2 hours 4 minutes after I was induced, labours differ so you just dont know how it will work into you get in there xxxx
  • i know lots of people who had succesful inductions, i however, was not one of them...i was started on the wednesday afternoon(40+3) with a gel, another gel on the thursday morning, another on the friday morning, waters went in the afternoon, syntocin drip went in late afternoon/early evening, and ds arrived by cs 1am saturday (40+6) x
  • I was induced with ds at 38 weeks (he was in a bit of a pickle)

    I had a pessary gel at 6am, works forceable broken at 2pm, ds born at 715pm!! It was quick and intense and they managed to get an epidural in!!

    This time they are worried that my active labour for just over 5 hours so I may not have time for anything other than gas and air! Good luck with your birthing-day, fc for you xxxx
  • Thank you all very much! Your comments have made me feel a little better - and I have a much more realistic idea about it now!

    I have had a shown yesterday / today, so hoping if nothing happens tonight that tomorrow's induction won't be starting from 0!

  • Fingers crossed for you Tizwaz - the show is a really good sign that your body is ready to labour even if it needs little push in the right direction image Look forward to seeing your birth announcement.
  • g/c i was induced 6 days early with dd2 as my placenta was failing i had 1 pessary about 10am another about 4pm i did feel a bit of backache but didnt think anything of it bounced on the ball for a bit while i was allowed off the monitor had a few scares on the monitor dds heartrate dropped twice and they said if it happened again i would have a emcs but i was allowed off the monitor so i could go for a walk at 9pm i rang my mum to see how dd1 was doing had 2 contractions on the phone went back to the room had one while checked mw said she thought things were happening i didnt think so lol she went suggested i have a bath i was getting ready for a bath and had 2 bad contractions crawled to the loo and told oh to call the mw asap as my body was pushing she got me to the bed and 3 or so contractions later dd2 arrived.So it worked for me lol good luck image
  • I was induced at 40+13 and the first lot of gel worked for me, and I had Erin in my arms 12 hours later. I had an epidural but no intervention and I was very pleased with how it went!

    I hope it all goes well for you x
  • Thanks for all the replies!!

    Well all I can say is that it worked!! And little one was born within 18 hours of being induced. Most instense experience of my life, but little one is amazing!!

  • Fab news, glad it worked for you and you have your gorgeous bundle now! Would love to read your BS if and when you get round to it! Enjoy your LO xx
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